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17 Days of What?!

I don’t watch Dr. Phil anymore. There was a time when I was a new mom with one baby when I would watch me a little of the doctor and the Oprah, of a weekday afternoon. But those days are … Continue reading

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Summer Swimsuit Challenge

I want to ask you to take a bold swimsuit challenge with me. It’s summer and it’s swimsuit season and I am sick of hearing myself talk smack about my own beautiful body every time I slip on that little … Continue reading

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Breakup Weight Gain

Wanda’s winding down on nursing, trying to break up with me gently. I’m a bit sad, a bit excited about getting my body back and a bit scared about what will happen to that body when it’s back under my … Continue reading

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I, Captain Barbossa

The other day I was sitting at dinner watching Dan drink water. He just drank it, gulped it down, an entire glass like it was nothing. I licked my parched lips, felt the soreness in my dehydrated kidneys and the … Continue reading

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Word Up on All the Pregnancy Deets for My Bloggy Homeslices

We’ve wanted this baby for a long time. In Proud Daughter of Eve’s comment on my last post, she referred to a post I wrote back in August of 2006 about feeling ready for another baby after weaning Magoo. My … Continue reading

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I Don’t Need to Be the Biggest Loser, Just the Loser with the Biggest Thumbs

I’m a little bit sick still in my throat but I’ve been working out anyway. Somebody came over and left a crusty comment about how I should be working hard instead of railing on a reality TV franchise and I … Continue reading

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