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One thing is certain. The Nintendo DS is mine. I purchased it with my birthday money a couple of years ago in a fit of My-Parents-Never-Let-Me-Have-A-Game-Boy-And-Now-Is-MY-Time exuberance. Dan said I wouldn’t use it and that I should just buy a … Continue reading

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Drowning in Cuteness

There is no shortness of cute at our house lately. There is no shortness of soccer, rain, dirty dishes, cheerios on the floor, or late nights full of homework and milk. There is a shortness of time. Time is flying … Continue reading

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Wii Netflix Party – A Review and Giveaway

***The winners have been chosen by They are Poppa2b, Carolee and Julia. *** So now Nintendo has asked me to be a Brand Ambassador. I’m not totally sure what it means but I do keep getting free stuff, which … Continue reading

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Rambo Gardening Techniques and Punk Firefighters

My approach to gardening this year is to kill kill kill everything in sight. I wanted to plant some things but there is no room in my yard for useful vegetation because it’s all been taken over by crazy soul-sucking … Continue reading

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Lego Batman – The Career Path

Magoo recently told me that he wants to be Batman when he grows up. I can only assume he means Lego Batman because that’s the only version of the super hero he’s really been exposed to. He was real coy … Continue reading

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Yes… And

Last weekend, I took a young woman friend of mine into Seattle to have lunch with Nintendo, that nebulous Mario-ridden empire of a company, some women and girls doing amazing mentoring work in the community, and stylist Jennifer Rade. It … Continue reading

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