I Don’t Need to Be the Biggest Loser, Just the Loser with the Biggest Thumbs

I’m a little bit sick still in my throat but I’ve been working out anyway. Somebody came over and left a crusty comment about how I should be working hard instead of railing on a reality TV franchise and I just want to tell you all that there is such a thing as humor and that I am working hard and I feel at least 1.7% better about the health of my body after one week of serious exercise. Yipee!

For those of you who asked, the book I’m using is The Biggest Loser Fitness Program intermediate routine #1 with cardio on my off days. I’m also supplimenting with Super Paper Mario for the Wii for thumb strength and map-reading skills. For those of you who didn’t ask, that was probably too much information.

While I’m doing all the working out, Laylee is occupying herself well. The latest is up at Parenting.

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7 Responses to I Don’t Need to Be the Biggest Loser, Just the Loser with the Biggest Thumbs

  1. Debby says:

    I watch the Tripod clip all the time and my gamer husband still hasn’t figured out why I think it’s hilarious!

    Enjoy your quality time with Mario.

  2. sarah k. says:

    I laugh my head off every time I see that Tripod song. I love it so much. I think it might have been at least part of Derek’s motivation to quit WoW cold turkey for my Christmas present.

  3. Margaret says:

    If Laylee’s not part of the screenwriter’s guild, you may be able to find your 4-yr-old some gainful employment.

    P.S. She made a TV where she can CHANGE THE CHANNELS?! That’s just amazing.

  4. Nicki says:

    Good luck with your fitness routine. That thumb workout is sure to work up a sweat! I always start to get sweaty and nervous when I play video games. Does that count as exercise?

  5. Good luck with the workout, and oh I tagged you

  6. Brandi says:

    Super Paper Mario for the Wii rocks, and that’s from a 35 y.o.

    Carry on with your bad self…

  7. Annie says:

    I gave you a “You Make My Day Award” on my blog. Go to my site to check it out!

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