French Bread and French Accents

Laylee just said, “Mom, you’re amazing! You can copy any voice and sound exactly like the person you’re imitating.”

“Yes,” I said, “If that person is a member of the Lollipop Guild.” I am known for my munchkin impressions.

“Also French people,” she added.

Ah yes. French people. Ziss I cannot deny. Ahn-han-han.

French Bread

I’ve been enjoying The Prudent Homemaker, a website dedicated to feeding your family well on a tight budget, among other things. Today I tried out her French bread recipe which worked beautifully the first time around. I was so proud of myself that I started speaking like the chef from The Little Mermaid… badly. Apparently, it was extremely impressive. I now have a reputation as a master of vocal disguise.

I am also a master of short cuts so if you decide to make this simple bread, I found that you can make it even simpler by kneading the dough in your Kitchen Aid rather than by hand. It still rose quite nicely after 8-10 minutes in the machine. It wasn’t as blissfully domestic, but I was able to check email while the bread was kneading so I’m totally okay with that. Maybe next time I’ll wear a frilly apron while checking email and that will even the domestical score.

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