Guess What I Ordered – No Really – Guess

It’s time to introduce a new game on the blog. I like to call it, “Guess What I Ordered – No Really – Guess.” The way it works is I order something in the mail and slowly reveal what I found inside the package and you get to guess what I ordered. You can only look at one picture at a time and no skipping to the end. If you can guess what I ordered before looking at the final picture, you win… your mind-reader’s license. This is a good one. Ready? Okay.

Picture number one:

If you guessed that I ordered something from Misikko, you’re RIGHT! But that’s not specific enough. Try again.

Picture number two:

If you guessed bubble wrap or a box full of pink and monkeys, you are incorrect.

Picture number three:

Mid-grade false flower in eggshell? Nope.

Picture number four:

Did you guess pink soap flowers in a recyclable recepticle with a pink bow? Incorrect!

Picture number five:

Gorilla with convenient velcro hands? So very wrong. Both you and the gorilla.

Picture number six:

Pink satin bag or pink satin bag full of emery boards with their own individual ball chains? Uh-uh.

Picture number seven:

Bargain brand hand sanitizer? Not a bit.

Picture number eight:

Purple satin clutch? This was a free gift.

Picture number nine:

White satin bag nesting inside the purple satin bag? We’re getting close.

Picture number ten:

TA-DA! If you guessed Hana Shine Shield Advanced Heat Styling Therapy, you’re a winner!

I’m excited to try it out. It comes as a recommendation from Abby, my hair guru, who has a blog that I lurk on and then spend hours trying to copy her hair… because I am creepy like that. If things don’t work out with me and Hana, there’s always the velcro monkey. What a haul!


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4 Responses to Guess What I Ordered – No Really – Guess

  1. Andrea says:

    I didn’t win. At all. Enjoy the haul.

  2. I have never loved the irrelevant un-ordered insides of a package more. Awesome.

  3. Osborne says:


    Great use of pictures to build suspense! I actually guessed it was high heels from a boutique shoe shop.

    Quick question – do your kids ever make a mess on your floor/carpets? I think new parents such as yourself could use something like SKEEN 🙂



  4. Erin says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. I just laughed until I cried looking at those pictures and trying to figure out what you ordered. I laughed so hard that my husband had to come see what was so funny. He sat next to me while I laughed and cried my way through all the photos of your package. Thank you:)

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