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Emergency Jack

There’s a hospital right next to this Jack in the Box. Or something.

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Yogurt – As Promised

This is the label on the case of yogurt I bought at Costco recently. Really?! Zero percent non-fat? So that makes it what percent full-fat? MAXIMUM FLAVOR UNITS!

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Rule Breakers

I was surprised to see so many humans inside Target. The requirements for admittance are clearly marked.

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Don’t Even Think About It

So, I was driving in Carnation, WA, when this caught my eye: I slammed on my brakes and backed up, giggling to an extent that Wanda was worried for me. Why even put up the hoop? The poor teenage boys … Continue reading

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3T Ninja

My mom sent Wanda these cute leggings for her birthday. I misread the label, seeing it as NINJA (3T). It may not be what was actually on the label but I think it fits.

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Anaconda Opportunity

This is by far the best road sign between our house and Billings. It’s possibly the best road sign anywhere ever. Who wouldn’t pull over at an exit that promises an Anaconda Opportunity? No one. That’s who. Today I’m offering … Continue reading

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