Saving People from Bad Ghosts is a Labor of Love

All day long on Valentine’s Day, I was listening to romantical music to put me in the mood for love. I pulled out the eighties power ballads, the Whitney, the Celine. I got in deep.

And in his deepest of mini-manly hearts, Magoo was NOT impressed. He was begging, BEGGING, for his favorite songs but I told him we could only listen to songs about love. At one point, he said, “Please can we listen to Ghostbusters? It’s about love. If you save people from bad ghosts, that’s love.”

He has a point. I think it’s okay to stretch the meaning of Valentine’s Day just a bit.

For Dan’s present, I got him the movie RED because red is one of the official colors of love and also there’s nothing quite as romantic as automatic weapons.

Dan got me some lovely flowers and serenaded me with My One and Only Love played on his saxophone. Ahhhh. That is romance. Then to finish off our evening, we tried to get our rabbit ears to pick up ABC so we could watch Castle, gave up and worked on our laptops side by side.

The kids even slept at some point last night, despite the fact that their veins ran thick with high fructose corn syrup and their teeth were died green from Fun Dip. In all honesty, that was a bit disappointing. It should have been pink.

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4 Responses to Saving People from Bad Ghosts is a Labor of Love

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  2. Erin says:

    Sounds like a great celebration. Magoo’s got a point – true love is ACTION 🙂 We had one sugar casualty at our house, green vomit, which resulted in one child staying home from school the next day, even though he was fine. But things are back to normal today.

  3. Emily G says:

    I love Magoo’s definition of love. I think it really works.

  4. Jeanie says:

    Derek and I bought three boxes of the Valentines Day Fun Dip 24-packs. For ourselves. We are selfish lovers.

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