Calling All Mixed Martial Arts Fighters

They’ll train us!!!??? This awesome sign appeared yesterday at a major intersection just outside of town. I saw the guy placing it there. I’d say mid-twenties, shortish, dark hair, possibly hispanic. I wasn’t paying too much attention to him. Then today when we drove by and actually read the sign, I wished I had.

Call for Mixed Martial Arts Fighters

Why do they want mixed martial arts fighters? What kind of training do they provide? How big of a piece of their action would I get if I signed up? I am over 21 and I do have a yellow belt in Kenpo Karate. I think I will call and see what their deal is, in honor of POTUS Day tomorrow.

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  1. I actually just tried out an exercise class called “Cage Fitness” that is based on MMA training, and surprisingly I loved it! Although no one was actually asking me to hit a person (or be hit by one). You definitely need to report back on this. And if you enter MMA training, we need pictures 🙂

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