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Saving People from Bad Ghosts is a Labor of Love

All day long on Valentine’s Day, I was listening to romantical music to put me in the mood for love. I pulled out the eighties power ballads, the Whitney, the Celine. I got in deep. And in his deepest of … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

And may all your heart-shaped pancakes be fluffy!

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Snazzy Jammies

So things are moving along. Wanda is aging rapidly. We’ve moved her out of our room and I’ve decided it’s time to purchase some new Snazzy Jammies. The problem is – I hate buying Snazzy Jammies. Now if you go … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday — Date Night Ideas

Dan and I have been dating a lot lately. It’s like being back in high school but I go out with the same guy every time and at the end of the night, he watches me brush my teeth and … Continue reading

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Daring Young Mom’s Fertility Guide

1. Buy a new belt. 2. Join Weight Watchers. 3. Buy the most expensive theater tickets you’ve ever purchased in your life for a show that’s coming to town in nine months. Do all these things and you’ll have a … Continue reading

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To the Future Mothers on the Bachelor

I like a lot of you. I don’t know you. I don’t readily admit to watching your shenanigans and exploits. I just happen to catch the show every Monday night at 8pm PST completely by accident. You are not super-real … Continue reading

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