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Lessons From Harriet Carter — Part 4

And now for installment 4 of The Series: Finally a shelf big enough for my VCR!! “TV Topshelf – Sturdy shelf lets your TV do something handy!” After Gandalf was reborn, he invented his own line of cleaning products. White … Continue reading

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What Does Your Landscaping Say About You?

Mine screams “THERE ARE CHILDREN HERE AND THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT PUNK!” I claim the land. They reclaim it. I install patio lights (or Dan installs them but the blog’s about me and they were my idea … Continue reading

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Sometimes I’m Just all Glad Inside

Sometimes I’m glad that my sister and good friend are willing to drive for eleventy billion hours to come visit me this whole week. Sometimes I’m glad to have grownup ladies with me everywhere I go for a few days. … Continue reading

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Slump and Whine

So my blogging slump is largely due to the week being dominated by my total lerve of So You Think You Can Dance. I so very much enjoy that show. Jeana can mock if she wants but I’m working out … Continue reading

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A Cup of Pooh, A Box of Snails and a Pack of Bubble-Yum

This is what’s become of my kitchen counters. Is it sick that this sight fills me with glee? Don’t answer that. I have a kid, a real kid. No baby girls here no more. Sure she still has a few … Continue reading

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My Days Roll By Like So Many Mint Oreos

And I ask myself, “Where did they all go?”

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