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Blood in a Baggie

Sometimes the red tape involved with medical care baffles me, especially when you see more than one provider at once. Last week, my naturopath told me I looked like crap. She said it a lot nicer than that but basically … Continue reading

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Into the Drink

Guess who swam across a lake at 7:00 this morning and now has algae-looking stuff in unmentionable places? Not naming names. Follow my eyes. I’ve been casually training for a triathlon I’m not going to compete in because my ladies … Continue reading

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Thoughts on a Flat Back

Since my back’s been bad, I’ve spent a lot of time alone. Alone with my bed. Alone with my thoughts. Alone with my current choice of natural deodorant. I’ve sworn off aluminum in an attempt to detox my body and … Continue reading

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Idyllic and Over

I want to write about our mind-popping trip to Disneyland, really I do. Much to share, there is. But now I’m back and there’s life and I’d rather write about what we’re doing now but I feel pressure to blog … Continue reading

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Thank you all for your comfort, ideas and cyber hugs yesterday. It’s amazing what good a little time, sleep, perspective and chocolate chip cookie dough will do. I got a recommendation from my doctor for another naturopath she trusts and … Continue reading

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Mobile Medicine

I’m a little glum today folks. Okay. A lot glum. Wallow with me for a moment before we get back to our regularly scheduled programming. Magoo turns 3 this summer. He’s a big fat ball of toddleric cuteness and I … Continue reading

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