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What do you do when the world seems full of darkness? Fill it with light. I had the talk with my kids today – the “bad people exist and there’s nothing we can do about them but there’s something we … Continue reading

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The Flood Always Crests

It’s been flooding around my town. Roads are closed. School has been canceled and we’ve all been anxiously watching the flood reports waiting for the water to crest and recede so we can get back to the normal flow of … Continue reading

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye

You can get hearing aids with zebra stripes these days or leopard print. Laylee’s got her heart set on a dainty set with pink flowers. They’re small like her ears and hopefully won’t fall out when she’s running around the … Continue reading

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Mobile Medicine

I’m a little glum today folks. Okay. A lot glum. Wallow with me for a moment before we get back to our regularly scheduled programming. Magoo turns 3 this summer. He’s a big fat ball of toddleric cuteness and I … Continue reading

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Not Even Recycled

I have sad news friends. After less than 7 years of marriage I have parted ways with my wedding bands. I came home from my trip and found that my purse was absolutely crammed with dirt, crumbs and mysterious chunks … Continue reading

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Flood Update

Dan got home from flood cleanup Saturday night, sore, stiff and grateful. We both are. Everything in our house looks different after seeing what people down there are dealing with. This morning as he was making breakfast he said, “I’m … Continue reading

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