Grow Your Own Easter Grass

My fabulous next door neighbor is like the all-natural McGyver of crafting. She can take sticks, dirt specks and pine gum and create an elegant chandelier. She can make anything in the world out of sheep’s wool and she notices lovely things everywhere she goes and then tames them to decorate her beautiful home.
Home Grown Easter Grass
For Easter she helped me plant my own wheat grass to use as an Easter basket for my little bunnies this year. The project was super easy and looking gorgeous and I think you should all try it this month so it will grow in time for Easter. It takes at least two weeks to get looking gorgeous.

First, you soak a couple of handfuls of wheat in water for 24 hours. Soft white wheat berries are best and you need to get some that haven’t been stored with oxygen absorber packets. My neighbor purchased ours at Whole Foods for very little money.

Next you fill a pie plate or other dish with dirt about an inch deep. Then you sprinkle the soaked wheat berries over the top of the dirt. You only need about half of the amount of wheat that we used. We went a little overboard.

Water well and cover with plastic wrap until tiny sprouts appear.

After the sprouts start popping up (24-48 hours), remove the plastic wrap.
When the grass is a couple of inches tall, move the container to a sunny location so it will turn green in color.
On Easter Eve, cut the sod to fit in your Easter baskets, dress like a bunny and place eggs and treats amidst the blades of grass.

How sweet is that?


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7 Responses to Grow Your Own Easter Grass

  1. meriaten long says:

    I love it!

  2. Emily G says:

    Your neighbor is amazing. This sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. edwina says:

    The color and texture is lovely! Nothing beats the look of fresh organics. The grass sitting on the sofa table looked like a photo in a magazine! I used sheet moss from last year (in a soup tureen with eggs on top) and the edited pictures did not look like the actual centerpiece. It looked grey! Does your neighbor blog? If she doesn’t – tell her she needs to! I would like her website if she does.

    • You may want to consider investing in an inexpensive photo editing program like Photoshop Elements. I often need to punch up the color on my pictures to make them look as gorgeous online as they do in real life.

  4. Joan Turchin says:

    I want to do this with our class! Might need a volunteer to assist:)

  5. Mother of the Wild Boys says:

    What a cool idea!

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