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Today I was a Mom — Part Two

A while ago I wrote a post called Today I Was a Mom. The title of the post was meant to imply that although I rarely get my job perfectly right, there are those precious few days when I can … Continue reading

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It’s In the Spin

I’d gotten up the gumption to tidy the kitchen, sweep the floors and even eat some food. These gumptionful actions sent me straight to the couch where I was contemplating a long term stay. I had both phones next to … Continue reading

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Laylee’s Take on Work/Family Relations

Sometimes her play mirrors reality and sometimes it more closely resembles reality as she wishes it would be. Other times I have no idea where her playtime dialogue and drama comes from, like when she plays a mom who is … Continue reading

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There’s Still Time for Ye Olde Holiday Fun, Me Lads and Lassies

The night before Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day Eve respectively, Laylee went on and on about how awesome the holiday was going to be and how she could not WAIT until tomorrow. “Uuuuhhhhh….. yeah. It’s gonna be so awesome,” I replied. … Continue reading

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I, Captain Barbossa

The other day I was sitting at dinner watching Dan drink water. He just drank it, gulped it down, an entire glass like it was nothing. I licked my parched lips, felt the soreness in my dehydrated kidneys and the … Continue reading

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We have a big fat hairy bedtime routine at our house. First we send the kids up to prepare for inspection. They’re supposed to brush their teeth, go potty, flush the toilet, wash their hands, make sure the bathroom’s tidy, … Continue reading

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