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Shopping in Juniors

Although we are far from “junior,” my sister and I made a run through the gauntlet of the Juniors department at Kohl’s recently. We were looking for shirts and sweaters and started in the Misses department but found that Vera … Continue reading

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Are you?

Do people think you are? Well maybe if you didn’t dress like that… [read more at]

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Not Even Recycled

I have sad news friends. After less than 7 years of marriage I have parted ways with my wedding bands. I came home from my trip and found that my purse was absolutely crammed with dirt, crumbs and mysterious chunks … Continue reading

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Do you ever dress yourself using items you find on the floor of your car, only to look in the rearview mirror an hour later and wonder why you’re wearing a costume?

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One Way Ticket to Muumuu-Ville

I had no idea things were deteriorating this quickly. She’s always shown a preference for soft fabrics but I thought it would take her more than 4 years of life to spiral downward into a world clothed exclusively by stretch … Continue reading

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This Poor Girl

We spent an hour at the dollar store looking for the best possible toy in the world ever… that we could procure for the sum of one dollar. Laylee chose this slightly demented-looking princess Polly Pocket knock-off with removable hair. … Continue reading

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