One Year Ago Yesterday

I clicked “post” for the first time over at  In honor of that momentous occasion, I will publish this post one year and one day later and the stars will align and the 8 remaining planets will hum peacefully in their orbits.  It was 2:01pm August 30th and I wrote about milk.

The following is a list of some memorable posts from each of my 12 months of blogging:

August 2005 — The one about the milk, where I still call Magoo Big-O.

September 2005 — The one about garage sales, the one about the F-bomb, the one about poop

October 2005 — The first one about mullets, the one where I consider dressing Laylee as Matt Santos, Latino for president, the one where I almost light a match, the one in which I am vindicated

November 2005 — the one where I almost “sweep the leg”, the one about the dekes,

December 2005 — the one where I meet HER in real life, the one where I get a tardy, the one where I get to keep an award, the one where the x-ray guy diagnoses me with a mental disorder

January 2006 — the one where Laylee’s true identity is revealed, the one where I get a mullet, the one where I trust some advisors

February 2006 — the one where the root beer is confiscated, the one where my kids are differentiated by gender, the one where I whip out my yellow belt, the love fest

March 2006 — the one where I give myself some slack, the one where I realize I’ll never be Martha Stewart, the one that may be my favorite of all time

April 2006 — the one on waiting, the one where I crack myself up on video, the one about beef and tweens, the one where I compare my breasts to bike tires  

May 2006 — the one about the sweetness, the one about Piglet’s untimely demise

June 2006 — the one where I decide which is my “good” leg, the one from NASA

July 2006 — the one about the pirates, the one where people think I’m a whiner, the one where I hate automated phone answering systems

August 2006 — the one where I get rejected, the one where I won’t accept comments

Thank you for a wonderful year.  It’s been a blast for me.  Today was just another example of all the payoffs I get from blogging.  Your supportive comments and understanding continually amaze me.  This truly is the world’s biggest support group of strangers.

Please don’t feel like you need to leave me a Happy Blogiversary comment.  We already did that one.  I just wanted to share a stroll down memory lane.

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14 Responses to One Year Ago Yesterday

  1. Although I love everything you write, DYM, the yellow belt one was a classic, along with the mullet- oh, and the NASA one- that was hysterical! Thanks for the trip- I never want to come home…

  2. Um, you’ve really only been blogging for a year?! Wow. I guess I thought you were so good you had to be one of those bloggers who’s been at it since they were actually called “web logs”. 🙂 Congrats on all your successes!!! (That was NOT a “happy blogiversary” 😉

  3. Ah, what a great stroll down memory lane. Yes, the tweens and the beef–I believe that was my favorite. I’m not just blowin’ sunshine, DYM…you really are the best there is.

  4. I remember those posts. They ruled the first time. I should read them again.

  5. Shalee says:

    You’re still here? Sheesh. You have more gumption than I ever imagined, not to mention the best readers in the world!

    That was a great stroll down your memories.

  6. Mary says:

    Hooray! I just discovered you about a month ago (a little slow on the whole blog world thing)- so I was psyched to get a little sampling of the year’s best! I read them all and am now even more convinced that you must be the funniest person alive. I, too, was surpised you have “only” been at this a year-you’re awesome! Now…PLEASE tell me how you finally got Magoo to take that cup…we’re having some weaning problems in my neck of the woods very similar to yours! Congrats on a great year!

  7. irene says:

    Congratulations on making it a year, Kathryn! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane — I always enjoy reading your stories.

  8. KimC says:

    No way -I never knew we were starting out at the same time! I was8/31 last year and discovered yours right away.
    Happy Blogday to you!

  9. Stephanie says:

    I remember so many of those posts…

    I just read your last post, and I can totally relate… But I know things will get better soon. Someday I’ll be able to clean my house and not have it destroyed 10 minutes later.

    You’ll fit in soon.

  10. bon says:

    Yeah welll… i am so scatterbrained, maybe I left a well-wish earlier? Maybe I didn’t. Hip-happity Blogthday!

  11. Mary says:

    You are stinking hilarious! Happy blog anniversary!

  12. mother of the wild boys says:

    DYM, I read all of these archives. You made me laugh, cry, feel better about myself, and resolve to do better. You are awesome! Some of my faves: Sweep the leg- Karate Kid is my all-time favorite movie, Save yourselves- so true, and the one with the Texas Homecoming Queen costume- I also have 2 huge Homecoming mums in my closet, but I was never creative enough to turn them into a costume! Great idea! Keep it up, you’re doing great!

  13. carrotj ello says:

    Happy stroll down memory lane day! You’re such a good writer.

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