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Farmer Wars — The Wal Mart Conundrum

Health, quality, ethics and affordability. Lately we’ve been big on produce at the Daring household to the tune of about 8 lbs lost and increased regularity amongst the preschool faction.  We’re liking this change so well, that we’ve decided to … Continue reading

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Queen Cars and Bikers — Moto-racial Profiling

Since watching the movie Cars, and I use the word “watching” loosely here to mean having your parents pay $5 to get you into a matinee so you can rotate between the theatre and the restroom like a pinball and … Continue reading

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Dementia, Pregnancy, or the Brain-Zapping Plague From the Planet Arous

I may just have to WebMD myself… and I hate to do that.  I really do.  That site is guaranteed to turn even the toughest I-refuse-to-go-to-the-doctor-because-I-bike-all-day-and-drink-protein-shakes-every-meal manly man into a raving hypochondriac. I can diagnose myself with the most atrocious diseases … Continue reading

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Meta and Mumps

Meta – Sorry about the confusion with new comments.  I set things up so that the first time you make a comment, I have to approve it.  That should keep the spammers out since I will never approve them and … Continue reading

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An Evil Genius… minus the “evil”

The Daniel, he is a mastermind. Sometimes his genius frightens me. I design my blog. I rejoice. I change the wrong semicolon in the code. I weep. Daniel whips out his little black box (he calls it a “command” “prompt”) and VOILA! A new home for Daring Young Mom.

He has spent hours and hours of work
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Snakes in My Rock Wall

Sam Jackson may be fighting Snakes on a Plane but I’m fighting my own battle down here on planet earth.

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