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It’s Monday

Most days we have a conversation like this at least twice. Laylee: What day is it today? Me: It’s Monday. Laylee: But what is it TO DO? I’ll tell you what it’s to do. From now on, Monday is to … Continue reading

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Books, Books, Books

This fabulous post by Dandelion Mama reminded me that I was going to invite you all to read a book with me this summer. The summer is still scorching hot (It was 107 degrees in Karli’s backyard last week and … Continue reading

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Dear Unknown Seattle-Area Resident

At future outdoor family-friendly events, please keep your beer-drinking to the designated “beer garden.” If this is too much to handle, please remember not to leave your “almost” finished beer cup on a chair for my toddler to find. He … Continue reading

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If Johnny Depp Were a Power-Puff Girl…

He’d probably live in a Happy-Meal box. Laylee says he’s a girl. We say okay. He can be a girl… a girl with a soul patch. Is it morning yet? Laylee just asked. Nope. It’s still light leftover from today … Continue reading

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Frozen and Feigning Child-Centric Ignore-ance

I can’t mop the floor because the duck-down curls on the back of Magoo’s head are too kissable. I can’t clean the windows or appliances because Laylee has covered them all in “bominals” (One day I hope she explains why … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday — What Tip Tuesday?

It would appear that Laylee has started a blog without telling me. And her subject matter makes mine look like the slow bus of bloggage. “Mom, I want to blog my Pla-to.” Oh, really? He’s good, but I prefer Nietzsche. … Continue reading

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