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This fabulous post by Dandelion Mama reminded me that I was going to invite you all to read a book with me this summer. The summer is still scorching hot (It was 107 degrees in Karli’s backyard last week and don’t ask me if I’m wearing clothes right now.) but it’s almost over so we’d better get cracking.

Remember when I asked everyone for their favorite book of all time or at least their favorite book at the moment? I’ve made a comprehensive list of them here.

From that list, I selected several books we could choose from to read together during the month of August. And here they are in no particular (besides alphabetical) order:

The Blue Sword — Robin McKinley
A Circle of Quiet — Madeleine L’Engle
Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister — Gregory Maguire
The English Patient — Michael Ondaatje
Freak the Mighty — Rodman Philbrick
Hold On To Your Kids — Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Maté
The Known World — Edward P. Jones
The Ladies Auxiliary — Tova Mirvis
Lonesome Dove — Larry McMurtry
Obasan — Joy Kogawa
Secret Life of Bees — Sue Monk Kidd
The Time Traveler’s Wife — Audrey Niffenegger
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn — Betty Smith
A Walk in the Woods — Bill Bryson
Watership Down — Richard Adams

Click here to vote (You don’t have to sign up for anything. Just close the window when you’re done.) for the one you’d be most interested in reading and discussing. Also, please look over the big list of DYM readers’ favorites and leave a comment on this post if you have any fabulous books you’d like to add.

I’m about to embark on my first solo travel in over 4 years and am giddy with glee. Even harder than deciding what to wear is deciding what to read on the trip. I’ll leave the voting open until Wednesday morning at 10:00am PST so I can get the book in time to read at the airport.

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18 Responses to Books, Books, Books

  1. Valarie says:

    Oh, yay! I am so in need of a good read and discussion. I vote for A Tree Grows in Brooklyn or The Ladies Auxiliary.

    I’d be dang excited for a trip like that, too.

  2. Indy says:

    This is a really great site.
    Keep up the work.

  3. Grammy says:

    I went and voted. But///””book you are least likely to set on fire if you found it on a park bench”??? Too funny.

  4. I’m going to vote for Lonesome Dove, because I already started it this weekend! It’s very, very good so far.

  5. Tess says:

    ooohh “The Time Traveler’s Wife” looks sooo good.

  6. Susan M says:

    I’d ask you to add Peace Like a River by Leif Enger to the voting but I’ve already read it twice (maybe three times) and I’d rather have something I haven’t read win. 🙂

    But Peace Like a River is such a good book.

  7. Shalee says:

    Time Traveler’s Wife is probably THE best book I’ve ever read, and I’ve read quite a few on your list and then some. I did however really enjoy The Blue Sword, and Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, too. I don’t think you will be disappointed with either of those either.

    Happy reading! And I’ll read whatever one you pick.

    Oh, and I would add any of the books from here (a list of 100 books that I’ve liked. There are actually more, but hey – don’t I need something else to post about later?)

  8. Shalee says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  9. owlhaven says:

    I vote for the Time Traveler’s Wife

    And, tag, magoo, you’re it


  10. Heidi says:

    I just finished “The Secret Life of Bees” and it was outstanding. I made the mistake of starting with “The Mermaid Chair” which was written by the same author. Folks, steer clear of the Chair; it’s pretty cheesy, and in no way compares with Bees.

    No one said I wasn’t opinionated.

  11. Tracy M says:

    I’ve read a few of them on the list, but I’ll join in with whatever the chosen book is… how fun! Oh, and super-thanks for the nod.

  12. Mama Darlin' says:

    It is like asking one to pick their favorite child. We love them all, just in different ways. But I will go vote anyway! 😉

  13. HLH says:

    I just finished “Confessions of an Ugly Step Sister”- Loved it!!! I think every mother of a daughter with a disney princess complex should read this!

    Cinderlla is not near as nice as we all thought!

    A tree grows in Brooklyn is an easy read, you could finish that on the plane while you eat your peanuts.

  14. Wow! I don’t know where to start. I haven’t read a single one on that list!

    I read the blurbs for all of them and I have added quite a few to a list of books that I would like to read.

    Can’t wait to find out the final vote!

  15. Papa says:

    I just finished reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and I’ve read Lonesome Dove a couple of times. Both Excellent books!

  16. Just wanted to say I think this is a great idea–I’ll jump into whatever the vote yields. I need a new book! (my kids are reading like crazy–what’s wrong with me?)

  17. I’ve seen the movie, “The English Patient” years ago, but have never read the book. I would love to read it.

    I am excited about reading a book with other bloggers I don’t know! Whee!!!

  18. Kage says:

    dym, going on MY first solo trip too. BUT it’s before you…so if you would be so kind as to email me who the forerunner is…I would love that.

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