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Tip Tuesday – Small Talk

Being as I’m surrounded by short people all day, you’d think I’d be really good at “small talk” by now. Truth be told, what I’m actually good at is talking to small people. The other day, I actually asked one … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday — What Tip Tuesday?

It would appear that Laylee has started a blog without telling me. And her subject matter makes mine look like the slow bus of bloggage. “Mom, I want to blog my Pla-to.” Oh, really? He’s good, but I prefer Nietzsche. … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday — Cool It

Monday was another scorching hot day in rural Seattle with highs reaching into the low 90s. Thou darest to call me a wuss? Ha HA! Well it may seem a bit more scorcherific if you picture unpacking boxes all day … Continue reading

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More Doom, Sleepy Teeth and the Careening Psychobot

Everywhere we go, Laylee begs for “more doom please.” Sadly, she’s not tall enough to experience anything but the most juvenile form of doom. At the Houston Aquarium they have a miniature Drop of Doom with some pansy name like … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday — Vacation Planning

It’s the summer. I’m on vacation. It appears that many of you are on vacation now or are soon to head out on your own adventures. What are your tried and true methods for making sure things go smoothly in … Continue reading

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“I’m so lucky that my timeout is not in a box.”

Lessons learned from watching the Stanley Cup finals with Daddy and Papa. Next up – the finer points of cross-checking.

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