Are you?

Do people think you are?

Well maybe if you didn’t dress like that…

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3 Responses to Are you?

  1. allysha says:

    You are funny. Thanks for the laugh.

    And if you’re planning on a babe in the next twenty years, then I’d say that “technically” you’re expecting…something!

  2. sarah k. says:

    Dude. You totally do not look pregnant in those photos. But yeah, if anyone were to ask me if I were, I would automatically start to dry heave.

  3. Cheetah says:

    I have the same pouch. I try to avoid such shirts but sometimes I even trick myself. Today I thought I’d jsut start wearing my maternity b/c many are expecting me to be expecting soon – gosh it’s been over 5 years! I might just trick them all. Then I’ll be laughing!

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