Motorcycle Guy WE LOVE YOU!

Magoo’s decided that all motorcyclists have escaped from some sort of parade and that their main role in this world is to smile and wave at him sweetly like Miss Latina Puget Sound sitting on the back of her white Cadillac on the 4th of July. He waves and smiles and yells, “Hi MOTORCYCLE GUY!!!” and waits for the confetti to drop. It never does, but if one of them waves back, he gasps and regales me with the details of their interchange. “Mom. MOTORCYCLE GUY said HI TO ME!!” Ah yes, his life has been touched by the hand of Motorcycle Guy more than once and he may never be the same.

Honestly, I kind of hope he always stays exactly the same as he is now, with his fat little hand waving frantically at the bandana-clad tattoo-happy Harley rider as though the biker were a one-man float in the Macey’s Parade.

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16 Responses to Motorcycle Guy WE LOVE YOU!

  1. Jen says:

    You had me at “chubby little hands waving”. My youngest is two, and hers are the only chubby little hands I have left.

    But my four year old would totally be all over the Motorcycle Guy.

  2. Rebecca says:

    My four-year-old wants a motorcycle (or a “moto,” as they say here in Brazil.) He informed me that when he gets big enough, he’s a’gonna buy one.

    I used the standard “not under my roof” mommy line, to which he paused, pondered, and replied:

    “Okay, I’ll sleep outside.”

    Phooey on raising logical thinkers.

  3. Ah, the joy in the little things. Like my two little boys are ecstatic everyday if they happened to get dishes that are their favorite colors and — stop the presses– if their forks spoons and cups match, too. And if they see any kind of large, costumed mascot advertising something and waving at children, they’re sure they’ve seen a major celebrity and tell everyone they know. Wish I got that excited about stuff other than chocolate. 🙂

  4. Liz says:

    Oh my! The motorcycle.
    We have a motorcycle guy that lives across the street(nicest guy ever). Everyday we watch for him. He has friends that come over, and we run outside to watch them. They let our 2 year old son come over and touch their bikes, they give him high fives, and then as they drive away they wave.
    It is the highlight of any day!

    Who knew a single guy could be so connected and understand a 2 year old so well!

  5. fugaler says:

    This makes me laugh- ESPECIALLY rebeccas comment. First off because my almost 4 year old LOOOoovvves motorcycles right now. We take/get daddy from school nearly every day just so he can see the motorcycles. He will tell my husband that the bus missed him so we have to take him to school so we can see the motorcycles. Then I laughed at Rebecca because my husband has that kind of logic and I’m sure it will pass to my son…too funny

  6. Janel says:

    Once my friend said that all kids (and no adults) envy garbage truck drivers. Perhaps that’s not exactly the same with motorcyclists, but certainly kids think they’re great!

  7. Margaret says:

    I certainly hope your sister Megan has shared with Magoo the splendor and glory that is Rolling Thunder in Washington DC. If she has been remiss in this duty, PLEASE let me know and I will connect you, or more importantly, Magoo, with a set of pictures; I’m always up for being the favorite aunt of kids I’m not related to. 😉

  8. Wendy says:

    For my two year old – it’s garbage trucks and garbage men! He just happens to be home every Tuesday morning, with my husband when the garbage trucks come. Husband and son know their routine down, and the garbage men have their coffee break around the corner at the convenience store, they go out and wait on the sidewalk. The garbagemen know them well and always stop to talk! Jonah talks about it all week. He has a Tonka garbage truck that he takes out to show them too.

  9. Heffalump says:

    Motorcycles are always a hit with our boys. They don’t wave to them (too big for that now) but they sure enjoy seeing them on the road.

  10. Honey Mommy says:

    That is super cute!

    If my son had his way, he would be consorting with all sorts of heavy machinery operators. Aren’t boys funny?

  11. Nora Bee says:

    My Hugo is exactly the same with the garbage truck guy. This morning the guy beeped his horn for us and I really thought Hugo would faint from excitement. I love those guys.

  12. Caryn says:

    That’s adorable! Are you living in fear that he will one day join the ranks of motorcyclists?

  13. Beck says:

    Good golly, he might have waved at my father-in-law!

  14. Holymama! says:

    cute! my little 4 yr old asked me once if he could ride a motorcycle. i said, yes, when you’re 42. and now he solemnly tells everyone that he will ride a motorcycle when he is 42.

  15. Late to the party with this comment, but I had to share that this reminded me of myself as a child. My dad drove me to and from elementary school and our route home in the afternoon took us past a very rowdy biker bar. And, of course, I, like Magoo, thought that motorcycles existed solely for my entertainment, and every day, I would roll the window down, and hang myself out, waving both arms, and screaming “HIIIII!! HEY, Y’ALL!!!!!” (‘cos this was back in the ’70s when seatbelts were, ahem, optional). Everyday I did this, and everyday, my dad would shout, “Git back in the truck, girl! I done told you, dinnt I???”

    Every. single. day.

    Aw. I miss it.

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