Speedily Down to Hell

Today in the car, Magoo noticed that several cars were speeding past us.

Magoo: They are going off the speed limit mom! Totally!
Me: Yep. They’re going pretty fast.
Magoo: They’re going too fast. We don’t drive like that.
Me: Hrm.
Magoo: We don’t drive off the speed limit because we don’t want to get a ticket.
Me: That, and we want to choose the right and obey the law.
Magoo: Yeah. Maybe they just don’t know about speed limits.
Me: Hmmm.
Magoo: Or maybe they just don’t know about Jesus.

In his mind, Jesus equals good. If you are doing what’s good, you’re following Jesus and if you’re doing what’s bad, you are not. He gives you the benefit of the doubt though. If you’re doing something wrong, you may just not know that Jesus exists so you don’t have the option of following him. This can be broadened to include speeding, favorite color choices, not eating your vegetables.

It makes me want to watch my speedometer a little more closely. After all, I’m a good Christian woman. I might as well drive like it.

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7 Responses to Speedily Down to Hell

  1. Jody says:

    Too funny. I may be borrowing Magoo’s line from time to time, maybe it really is as simple as that. ‘Maybe they just don’t know about Jesus’. I think you’ve got a little one with a very good heart and head to go with it.

  2. cheetah says:

    I love the innocence of children and their Christ-like attributes. So sweet!

  3. Kork says:

    Gosh – it doesn’t get much more simple and true than that does it? Magoo is a wise little boy…

    I’ll be watching my speedometer more closely too – along with al the other “-meters” in my life…

  4. Christina says:

    Love this post! =) Thanks to Magoo I will be a much more careful driver!

  5. Allison says:

    This totally made my day. And made me drive more slowly. Thanks, Magoo!

  6. HIlary says:

    I went along with this line of thinking with my kids until my oldest was A-palled that his K teacher drank coffee. She was now the devil incarnate.
    We had to diversify our evilness after that.

  7. Rebecca says:

    My son asked his Sunday school teacher if the Bible story she was teaching was true, or just a legend passed down through time. She replied that it was true, not just a story. She wasn’t as pleased as I was with the critical thinking displayed by my five year old..we read the Bible every day but I want him to know he can ask stuff like that!

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