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Tired, Sore and Hungry… for Babies

I’ve been feelin’ a wee bit tired of late but I really shouldn’t be. Wanda sleeps beautifully. She eats beautifully. Most nights she sleeps around 14 hours with only one feeding in the middle. The problem is scheduling. She goes … Continue reading

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When Dan read the back of the packaging on the Transformer we bought Magoo for Christmas (WHO DOES THAT?!) he asked me why we chose the stoner Transformer. Perhaps because “we” were shopping very quickly on Black Friday morning and … Continue reading

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Stealth Strep

“My favorite part of the stinkin’ long appointment in the 3’x4’ holding cell came when the doctor leaned in quietly with his little light to peek at Laylee’s throat. She held still. She stuck out her tongue. She said, “Aaaaahhhhhh.” … Continue reading

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Wii Wii Wii All the Way Home

**As of December 2010 I no longer have ties to Nintendo besides that I enjoy and purchase their products.** Alert, alert. I’m so excited. The Wii is soon going to be able to stream Netflix movies directly from the game … Continue reading

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The Gender of Christmas Cards

Boys and girls are different. It’s true. My kids continually remind me of this. Christmas was no exception. Dan took them shopping and let them each pick a card for me. This is what Laylee came up with: She chose, … Continue reading

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Wanda and the Bat

Magoo and I were reading through his favorite nocturnal animal fact book, Night Creatures, for the eleventy-billionth time tonight when I noticed that one of the bats sucks his fingers. “Hey Magoo. Look how the bat sucks its fingers. It … Continue reading

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