Wanda and the Bat

Magoo and I were reading through his favorite nocturnal animal fact book, Night Creatures, for the eleventy-billionth time tonight when I noticed that one of the bats sucks his fingers.

“Hey Magoo. Look how the bat sucks its fingers. It looks just like Wanda.”


He looked at the picture and then at Wanda.


After thinking about it as hard as a little melon-headed 4-year-old could, Magoo answered, “Nope. It doesn’t look like Wanda. Wanda doesn’t have ONE OF THOSE!” He then pointed to the bat’s prominent manhood.


Other than gender, they are identical.

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9 Responses to Wanda and the Bat

  1. Erin says:

    trust a boy. LMBO

  2. Wow, amazing he could pick out that ONE, little difference. 🙂

  3. FawnDear says:

    I Love Magoo! I was also thinking this book was perfect for him just because of the wording, ‘ soar through the air with the greatest of ease.’ It’s a must for any Daring Household.

  4. Carri says:

    How cute and funny that he would notice that difference. Boy’s tend to notice those differences I have come to realize especially as they get older.

  5. Little boy is a genius 🙂
    It seems that I cannot stop looking at the part you encircled. Haha. It looks weird.

  6. Kork says:

    That is hilarious! Of course he zoomed in on the singular anatomical difference…nothing about the fact that she is MUCH cuter than the bat, or a whole lot less fuzzy…and not upside-down…

    Boys… 😀

  7. mamadeb says:

    Oh…..if that were the only difference. What a cutie!!!! Cuties!!!!!

  8. Eve says:

    smart boy you have there.

  9. LooneyJen says:

    Oh. My. Word. SO FUNNY!

    I didn’t even NOTICE that part until you so graciously circled it 🙂

    I love kids. I think they’re funny to help us combat the plethora of germs they bring in. You know, laughter being the best medicine and all.

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