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Laboring Through Labor Day

No, I didn’t go into labor on Labor Day — although that would have been downright adorable of me — but I did spend the day laboring with Dan and the kids. We spent the whole weekend working our butts … Continue reading

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That One Post

Today I wrote that one post, the one at the end of pregnancy where you’re actually considering removing the baby yourself by any means possible. It was 3.5 pages single-spaced in Word. It was whiny and self-indulgent and I meant … Continue reading

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Defending the Young Man Hair

Since Laylee’s gone back to school, Magoo has become my little shadow, following me around everywhere, inviting me to join him in game playing and talking nearly nonstop. It’s like he couldn’t get a word in when Laylee was home … Continue reading

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Defining Themselves Musically

He’d say, “Don’t turn around and look at me unless you wanna see something really cool!” as though it were a warning, like perhaps his moves were too fresh for my eyes to behold. They were amazing, but never once … Continue reading

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