Laboring Through Labor Day

No, I didn’t go into labor on Labor Day — although that would have been downright adorable of me — but I did spend the day laboring with Dan and the kids. We spent the whole weekend working our butts off and now that we have no butts, we are ready to plunge full-force into the school year. [read more at]

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3 Responses to Laboring Through Labor Day

  1. DaMomma says:

    D’oh! I was really hoping for you. I was thinking a 9-9-9 baby was for you! Wanda-niner she was going to be. Oh well.

  2. Katherine says:

    You can always try the scrubbing floor on your hands and knees (if you can get in that position) method of induction. 🙂 I’ve heard it works well. OR might I suggest a pregnancy massage — I went into labor within a couple of days of my massages both times!! 🙂

    Oh — and can we see pictures of the sweet baby room? pretty please? Loooove me some nursery pictures (seeing as how I haven’t had a prepared “nursery” for my two either). I guess third time is the charm on that one?? 🙂

  3. Diana says:

    Sounds like nesting to me! Maybe you will go into labor on your own.

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