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And He Shall Have Bubbles Wherever He Goes

Magoo is obsessed with bubbles. He is driven to play with them. Whenever he has a hole in his schedule, he slips out on the front porch for a little quality time with his liquid soap, glycerin and a plastic … Continue reading

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Are You Potty Ready?

Do you enjoy playing “Find the Urine,” the raucous game where you find yourself walking around the house with your nose sticking out, sniffing to find out where the puddle is? For my complete checklist, visit

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Mercenary Me

It’s time again for the most fun ever. Please take a few minutes to fill out this reader survey. It helps my advertising network sell ad space on the site if they can tell Tillamook that all my readers eat … Continue reading

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Easter Crafts

It’s been much too long since I pimped my Seattle Mom Blogs site. It’s really turned into an awesome group blog and not just for women living in the Emerald City. We’ve got some great writers over there. Although I … Continue reading

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Who’s Your Daddy

Ah, what a lovely day I had today. I tricked the kids into cleaning the house, ate Cadbury Mini-Eggs and lounged in my bed for several minutes while looking at clouds that I could tell were clouds because they stood … Continue reading

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Love is More Important than Sleep

I started the day with three hours of sleep. My furniture was rearranged. The contents of my cupboards were emptied out all over the counters of my kitchen. I felt that progress had been made in the wee hours of … Continue reading

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