Who’s Your Daddy

Ah, what a lovely day I had today. I tricked the kids into cleaning the house, ate Cadbury Mini-Eggs and lounged in my bed for several minutes while looking at clouds that I could tell were clouds because they stood out against the most amazing thing, patches of nearly blue Seattle sky.

It was also a good day because I got a full sleep last night, there were no time outs, no one wiped poop in their eyeball, and no produce fell out of my shopping bag and rolled under my car at the grocery store. Those are just a few highlights from yesterday. But yesterday’s over so we shan’t talk about it any further.

The only sad thing about my day was that I didn’t get to spend much time with Dan although the word is he wrote some wicked good ninja-worthy code at work today. The kids didn’t get to see him much either and that worries me a little. I think Magoo’s forgetting who his father is.

I went through a serious Guitar Hero phase a while back and whenever the be-wifebeatered computer-animated male lead singer with the greasy long hair would get up to belt his hard rock solos into the mic, Magoo would yell, “That’s MY DAD! LOOK MOM! IT’S M’DAD!”

“Yeah, he looks just like your dad. With more hair, less muscle on his arms, tighter pants, fewer sleeves, 10 quarts more oil in his hair, more rage and a face transplant. They could be twins!”

Then today in the car we were listening to a little Shaggy on the radio. Now I enjoy Shaggy as much as any mid-90s high school graduate but there came a point in the song where I didn’t much care anymore how fantastic or bombastic he was. As I changed the station, Magoo yelled, “Turn it back. I want the daddy one song.”

“Did you think that guy sounded like your daddy?”

“Yeah. I want to hear my daddy singing ”˜at song!”

So I switched the station back and he grinned, “That’s my daddy.”

I’m sure Shaggy would be happy to take credit for fathering half of the children in the known world but Magoo actually owes his existence to me and someone I like to refer to as my personal “lova lova,” Daniel P. Aloysius Berherkamer Thompson.

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14 Responses to Who’s Your Daddy

  1. chilihead says:

    That’s awesome. My dad looked like Jim Croce when I was growing up. Exactly. My brother and I would argue with him that it was HIS picture on the 8-track and HE was singing all the songs. My dad also played the guitar. So it was obviously him and he was leading a double life.

  2. mother of the wild boys says:

    Love it! Magoo is such a character. 😆

  3. bananas says:

    Ha ha I LOVE this.
    File under “You know you’re playing too much Guitar Hero WHEN”

  4. Jessica says:

    My 2 year old son calls a Green Lantern action figure “Daddy!” Um, the action figure is African American. His daddy is not.

  5. michal says:

    lol. obviously daddy’s job is keeping him pretty busy these days. that is too funny. some weeks are just like that. fortunately for us, those weeks are usually followed by having daddy around a little more. maybe magoo needs to watch daddy on the webcam at work?
    here’s hoping that your lova lova makes it home before bedtime tonight!:)

  6. LammyAnn says:

    ooh… love me some cadbury eggs. I hide them so I don’t have to share.
    And I also tricked my kids into cleaning house today.
    By saying
    “If you get your chores done, we can go to WalMart. ”
    THAT’s how deprived my kids are.

  7. Rebecca says:

    Ha! My son used to think that any dark-eyed model was his mother, including super hot Brazilian bikini models and the Mona Lisa. It was VERY flattering, although I now suspect that he needs REALLY STRONG GLASSES.

  8. mother of the wild boys says:

    By the way, I bought 3 bags of the mini eggs…one for now, and two which are in the freezer for enjoyment later on! 🙂

  9. Carrie says:

    I will not be able to play Guitar Hero without thinking of this!

    And so you know, a few years ago, Katie told the entire dentist’s office waiting room that Kobe Bryant, in a magazine, was her daddy! Ya know, because he looks so much like us!

  10. allysha says:

    I think it’s pretty obvious that Magoo belongs to his real daddy! At least, from the pictures it is! Also, I really hope that’s Dan’s real name, because if so…awesome.

  11. My husband is a CPA so it’s my ‘single parenting’ time of year. Not my favorite time ever.

    On another note- I’m having a little contest over on my blog- check it out! (Sorry for the shameless blog plug.)

  12. nan says:

    Darnit, now “Mr Lovah Lovah” is going to play in my head all afternoon.

    And YO! All you Daddies! Come home early from time to time! Helloooo! Hellooo? Husband? Would the world end if you took an afternoon off? NO! IT WOULDN’T!

  13. The Mom Bomb says:

    I didn’t know who Shaggy was, but thanks for the education. You’re making me feel old, woman!

  14. KYouell says:

    I thought Batman looked like my dad. As in, I didn’t know that Adam West wasn’t really Batman and I thought my dad was the real superhero so Batman looked like him, not he looked like Batman.

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