The Things About Me

1. The cleanliness of my car in no way determines its ability to smell like poop. I could take a brand new car off the lot and if I put my kids inside, within 10 minutes the new car smell will be changed to something more… natural.

2. Every time I walk into my bedroom, an angel gets his wings. The tiny little metal pieces on my bedside lamp jiggle and tinkle as I walk across the floor and I smile.

3. I didn’t care much that Laylee’s bedroom door locked from the inside with a keyhole on the outside for which I had no key, until she locked it for the first time.

4. Shannon once told me that my northern accent gives me street cred.

5. Even if I didn’t want kids, I may have had them anyway just so I could drive in the HOV lane.

6. The first time Laylee had the stomach flu, I brought her a barf bucket and said, “If ye’re gonna spew, spew into this.” She was not amused.

7. Once I rented a video of housekeeping tips by Heloise. She can make her bed with her legs before she even gets out of it in the morning. Dan and I have been trying to master this skill for years. We call it “Heloising” the bed.

These random facts brought to you by Beth.

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18 Responses to The Things About Me

  1. Nantiemeg says:

    I totally think the northern accent gives you street cred. Especially because if you’re anything like me – which please note you are – it will come “ooot” thickest after talking to cousins, aunts, uncles, old friends or watching classic movies such as “Canadian Bacon”, “Strange Brew” or “Brother Bear” (Check out the moose, Eh?)

  2. geminishadow says:

    I was very amused by the spewing comment,

  3. chilihead says:

    All I can say is consider the source on #4. 😉

  4. Beth says:

    Oh, your seven things are way more interesting than my seven things! You are so cool!! 🙂

  5. Melissa says:

    Heloising the bed? Hmmm… interesting….

  6. Thea says:

    LOL! Gotta love a good Garth reference!

  7. Karen says:

    Once again. Laughed all the way through it. How do you do it? Is life in your house just one big clever laugh-in? You kill me.

    Northern accent? What does a Northern accent sound like? Perhaps the opposite of hillbilly? Bwahahahahaha!

  8. Shalee says:

    #6 – oh yes. We intruduced this handy-dandy little vomit catcher the moment they could hold it. AND we taught them to run to the toilet too. We’re thoughtful like that.

    #7 – I can’t say that I’ve tried it, but we can UNmake my bed with our legs… in record time too!

    #4 – I’d like to find out if Shannon is telling the truth. We should talk sometime so we can test her little theory out…

  9. Kimberly says:

    I’m going to be giggling at the HOV lane line. I wish we had one here so I could laugh inanely to myself every time I drove in it.

  10. Thank goodness for HOV lanes! Glad to know other people had kids to utilize them 🙂 !!

  11. Pops says:

    Here’s a twist on number three: one of our daughters recently moved into an apartment where someone had swapped the doorknobs on one of the bedrooms with a closet in the living room. So, now the bedroom door doesn’t lock, but the closet does lock — but from the outside. I have visions of some poor screaming kid locked in the closet [shudder].

  12. heather says:

    #7 is the best! Ha Ha!

  13. ZaCarrie says:

    Heloising the bed? I think I need to see the video because the mental images in my head are NOT working.

  14. nosurfgirl says:

    LOL. Spew.

    Blow chunks is better.

  15. Sheena says:

    Hey there,
    Thanks for taking time to tell me that, I am glad i didn’t offend you! Yay!
    I am still trying to figure out how to put my e-mail link on my blog. grrrrrr. Hopefully soon!

  16. Sheena says:

    p.s. love the spew comment…and yes I remember that line very well from Garth!

  17. grammyelin says:

    And don’t forget number 8…You are too funny. Do you know you’ve been making me laugh since you were about 2? Good times, Baby!

  18. jodijean says:

    ahhh good times with wayne’s world, i dont think a day goes by without me saying a random line from it. glad someone else appreciates it. gotta love garth.

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