Only One

Getting into the car this afternoon Magoo made a great find of a several week old animal cookie. He immediately stuffed it in his pie hole.

Laylee: Oh MOM! I want a cookie too.
Me: Laylee, it’s a disgusting germ-infested piece of cookie trash.

As she gave me the saddest face I’d ever seen since 2 hours previous, I remembered who I was talking to and responded, “And besides… There was only one.”

“Oh. Okay.”

I wish events like this still sent me silently reaching for my minivan airsick bag but at this point I am unmoved.

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12 Responses to Only One

  1. So sad that there was only one. I would have cried!

  2. sarah k. says:

    Do you think those germs would give me some advice on my portfolio? I’m thinking natural foods. But are cookies the way to go? They must be, since there’s a growing market share in people 4 and under, who are indiscriminate in their tastes for things their parental units would rather not be feeding them.

  3. Millie says:

    Awwww…. Magoo’s cute little pie hole. And poor gross-cookie-less Laylee. There’s so much emotion exuding from your blog today.

  4. Crissybug says:

    Hahaha…It is funny how desensitized we get from the gross things our kids do. I think are very few things that can make me gag now.

  5. Liz says:

    if she looks hard enough there might be another one.

  6. bon says:

    Just EW!

    But I think Liz is right… there is probably another one stuffed away in some stray crack. Or at least a few goldfish crackers.

  7. Vicki says:

    *LOL* See and my kids would just say “Look what we found Mom!! Isn’t that gross!!! Do you have any OTHER crackers??” *LOL*

    God Bless!

  8. Kimberly says:

    Since two hours previous…you’re hilarious, you know that?

    Confession time…Neil’s Aunt bought the girls a huge bag of animal crackers recently. I ate most of it.

    ~sigh~ Will I never grow up?

  9. Beth - You know, I love Jake Ryan? says:

    Ok, so I totally dreamed about you guys last night. You guys being you, Heather, Karli and my sister Karen. I was doing stand up comedy at some college and I had to wear a sign on my shirt that my dad gave me. It said “I am a meany”. I was being mean by making fun of you guys waxing your legs at my sister’s house. For some reason, my dad had caught wind of it and made me wear this sign while I was doing stand up. And why you were waxing your legs at my sister’s house is beyond me.

    But it was good to see you all for a brief moment!!

  10. Stephanie says:

    I’ve had the same “issue” with my kids.

    One finds a little something in the car, eats it, and the other is sad.

  11. MB says:

    Speaking of gross, I’ll have you be the first to know that today I got the vomit-down-the-bra treatment for the first time, courtesy of my 7-month-old. Blech. Just thought I’d share that.

  12. MrsLady says:

    Mommyhood is not for the weak-stomached. Hahahahahaha. Luckily for him my son being the only lonely gets all of the diseased animal crackers to himself. At least he has a good immune system……

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