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When I Grow Up

Sometimes Ashton Kutcher really makes me think.

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Rabid Demonic Cows

Magoo’s favorite new book is Rabid Demonic Cows by Margaret Wise Brown, originally published under the title The Big Red Barn. His verbal skills are burgeoning along with his animal impressions, particularly if he’s doing an impression of… a rabid … Continue reading

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The Little Engineers That Could

What are you doing Dan? Stebe? It BEGINS!

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Give ”˜Em The Knuckle!

Grammy was getting ready for an obligatory outing when she accidentally sliced open her tall man with a large knife. Band-aid in place, she continued on with her preparations and grumbled to Papa about how much it hurt and how … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday — The Joy of YouTube

YouTube scares me, quite frankly. You never know what kind of junk you’ll find when you go there. The internet has gone completely content crazy. Got a video of your dog taking a nap? You’d better post it quick before … Continue reading

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Shake it Like a Steak Sauce

My mom’s fridge is all aflutter with blog fodder. I have been a longtime user of what Laylee likes to call “One-A sauce.” I usually shake it before using. After reading this warning, I think I’ll take the job more … Continue reading

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