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I am Four Years Old

…In the hours that followed, many people came to visit, passing the boiled-looking newborn around, cooing, and crying tears of joy while I shoved my face full of broccoli. Family members were careful to only take pictures of the baby … Continue reading

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Geeks and Hippies

When Magoo asks for a geek, I get him some jews. When my friend’s daughter asks for her hippy, she prefers the valveless variety with no handles. This morning Magoo is dining on jews, chi, and faffles. What are some … Continue reading

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Shot Down

Being shot down by a three year old who’s almost 4 but still 3 but almost 4 but still wears pull-ups to bed so I’ll call her 3 is too funny to be painful. Every night at bedtime she gets … Continue reading

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Bloggers Unite

  Boomama has started a fund for Kelli who is in need of a kidney transplant.  If you have a spare minute and a dollar fifty from your couch cushions, go over and help her out.  Just click on the … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday — Not Meant to Be

Tips are now back on Tuesdays because, hey, I’m the boss of this blog. My sister-in-law and her roommates used to always ask me for romance advice because I’m totally married so I know pretty much all there is to … Continue reading

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Can’t Imagine Where He Gets It

When the giant bottle of Lycopene smashed to the ground 5 minutes ago, I said it. When Laylee asked if she could lick it up off the floor, I said it again. I believe there are much worse words I … Continue reading

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