Geeks and Hippies

When Magoo asks for a geek, I get him some jews.

When my friend’s daughter asks for her hippy, she prefers the valveless variety with no handles.

This morning Magoo is dining on jews, chi, and faffles.

What are some of your favorite childish mispronunciations?

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57 Responses to Geeks and Hippies

  1. Cheryl says:

    My favorite mispr. from my son is POOPY, which means MOVIE…

  2. Noah used to say “boowie,” which was movie, blueberry, and various other things. Then it turnes into “booby.” Then one day we were trying to teach him how to say “yes.” Well, he finally gave it his best. He shouted, “Sets!” Derek said, “great. Now we have a kid who only talks about sex and boobies.”

  3. Lei says:

    titty for kitty here!

  4. Therese says:

    My middle son Ethan called himself “Efee.” He’s almost 18. I really miss those days.

  5. Liza says:

    “liddy poon” for little spoon
    “hangubber” for hamburger
    For the song the First Noel, my niece would say, “Barney’s the king of Israel.”
    My nephew called the Sacrament, the “snackerment”

  6. grammyelin says:

    I still like your childish references to “family home eviling”
    Heather’s favorite food being “bisgetti”
    Adam loving the movie “Lord Pocal Sherff” (Support your local Sheriff)
    Becky wanting the “baSLAMic vineger dressing”
    And Geff declining grahmn crackers by saying, “I don’t want any damn tackers!”

  7. JKS says:

    My favorite for my two-year-old who was potty training was “owie dare” for underwear. When we asked her to say “drink” she would smile big and say, “Aaah!”

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