Can’t Imagine Where He Gets It

When the giant bottle of Lycopene smashed to the ground 5 minutes ago, I said it.


When Laylee asked if she could lick it up off the floor, I said it again.

I believe there are much worse words I could be using at times like these.  At least Magoo doesn’t think “friggin’ crap” is the answer to all of life’s questions, or anything like unto it.

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16 Responses to Can’t Imagine Where He Gets It

  1. chris says:

    I was totally thinking of a different word 😉

  2. Farm Wife says:

    We have the same kitchen flooring…great minds think alike…although I didn’t have much to choose from when the time came to pick it out…but I digress.

    My kids think “Honestly!” is the answer to all (it must be pronounced with the stress on all 2 sylables). You need a dog…it’d lick it up before Laylee got the chance

  3. grammyelin says:

    Sorry! Hang on, today can only get better!

  4. Of all the innocuous words to have your child say. Soren was trying to put his shoes on the other day and said, “S—, S—, S—!!!” I SWEAR i’ve never said it. But am I a worse parent for having let him watch a movie where someone says it? Derek tried to explain, without making a big deal, how we don’t say that word. He kept asking what it means, and Derek finally had to leave the room to laugh.

    And what’s so wrong about licking the Lycopene off the floor? They have to get it somewhere, don’t they? Seriously, the thought of plain old ketchup, on the floor, or anywhere else, sickens me to the point of pregnancy-like nausea.

    (BTW, you totally made my day by commenting on my new blog. I seriously wasn’t expecting anyone to read it. Ever. Now I’m famous too! Woo-Hoooooo!)

  5. Heather O. says:

    J said, “Holy Crap, it’s raining”, the other day. I would definitely say there are worse words than “No”.

    He also told me not to try to turn down the radio on the song that has the word “damn” in it, because he already knows what’s coming.

  6. So, friggin’ crap isn’t the answer to all life’s questions? Friggin’ crap!

  7. Liz says:

    I’m with Chris – I frantically clicked on the linkies to see if you actually posted a cuss word online and I missed it – but no, you were just being linky-like.

    I promise. I say WHAT THE CHICKEN all the time hoping it catches on up in here, but so far I’m the only taker.

  8. MyBestInvest says:

    Commenting here from Hubby’s new blog. I’m loving “What the Chicken.” I may have to start throwing that around down here in the South! DYM-sorry about all the ketchup. I can not imagine how long it took to clean that up! -Mary C

  9. lauren says:

    oh my gosh, i am laughing hysterically at both posts…i just found your blog recently and feel like i’m living the same life as you! i have a 2 year old that i can easily see pouring kidney bean slime over his head. easliy. thanks for the laughs.

  10. Anne/kq says:

    It’s so funny to hear my daughter say, “Oh, good grief!” when she drops something, or “That’s enough! That’s enough” when she does something she’s not supposed to– like pouring rice onto the floor (*rolls eyes up to heaven*)

    I am pleased to see that you use the One True Ketchup at your house, though.

  11. “Can I lick it Mommy?” aww, she just wanted to help you 😉

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  13. petite mommy says:

    How can you not say friggin crap when something like that happens? My kids go around saying, Oh my gawdddd! The occcassional “f-it” comes out too courtesy of daddy…

  14. Just this morning Sean was struggling with a Leggo and says “dommit” which technically is not a bad word.

  15. In times like this, you need to get a dog. One with a strong stomach.

  16. jodi jean says:

    hehehehehe, “giant bottle of Lycopene” hehehehe

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