Polly’s Godless House of Hoochie-Wear

Laylee was playing Polly Pockets with a grownup friend the other day.  I wasn’t around but here’s the way I heard it went down.

Laylee:  This dress is beautiful.
Marge:  Yeah.
Laylee:  But it’s not modest.
Marge:  Hmm..
Laylee:  Should she wear it?
Marge:  I don’t know.  What do you think?
Laylee [carefully considering]:  I think she should wear it.  There’s no Heavenly Father in Polly’s world so it’s probably okay.

Speaking of evil empires, I canNOT stop listening to this guy.  Can.  Not.

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25 Responses to Polly’s Godless House of Hoochie-Wear

  1. Love it! I have yet to figure out how to explain to my five year old that she needs to be modest, but then still answer the questions of why Polly and all the Disney princesses are wearing immodest clothing … we normally just leave it as they don’t understand or know Heavenly Father’s rules. However, I adore the viewpoint of your daughter! I might have to steal her line!

  2. bon says:

    HA! I just made it a family matter that is endorsed by Jesus.
    “We are Chaos girls, and in the Chaos Family we dress to cover our belly, bummie and nummies. That is just how it is.”

  3. bon says:

    I mean “HA!” as in, “HA hahaha!”

  4. jeana says:

    That’s hilarious! Polly does have some pretty skanky outfits. Scott has made the girls throw them away before, when they came free in the Happy Meals and they’re dressed like they should be starring in a rap videos. Remember when people used to say skanky? I think we should bring it back. It’s a great word. Except, of course, for the skankazoid who it’s being used on. But I don’t think there are emotions in Polly’s world either, so I think it’s okay.

    Okay I gave him a shot, but this guy is annoying. There can only be one person rambling about nonsense and that would be ME.

  5. Jen says:

    I saw that guy on TV a few weeks ago, and he is just hilarious! (And, so is your daughter!)

  6. We refuse to even toe the precipice that is Polly’s sordid world. Roz would probably try to eat all of her accessories.

    Who is that guy?

  7. Toni says:

    Too cute! And your Helen Keller quote is one of my favorites. (I came by way of BooMama, BTW.)

  8. Sarah says:

    He’s more funny on the TV. But that site is pretty funny too.

  9. Tara says:

    Just found you through boomama. Love your daughter’s comment, and share in your (and everyone else’s) abhorrence of Polly. We had avoided her til this Christmas when my Dad and step-mom gave my daughter the Polly MOTHER LODE. The only thing I can think of that I abhor more is the whole entire BRATZ collection. The name says it all, and it will enter our house literally only over my dead body.

  10. papaclint says:

    I’m sure Heavenly Father loves Polly too.

  11. Farm Wife says:

    If there is no Heavenly Father in Polly’s world, I cannot imagine what’s missing from the Bratz world. A friend mentioned a book I’d like to read called Stop Dressing your Six Year Old like a Skank. That sums it up!

  12. Stephanie says:

    I just love the title!

  13. Oh man… thanks for that link… now I’m hooked, too!

    “Uh, some pigeons are a little slower than I thought…”

  14. Sketchy says:

    LOL …Polly’s Godless House of Hoochie Wear…BWAHAHA!

    Don’t mind me, I’ll just be having a loud giggle off to the side over hear…

  15. krista says:

    Hey, that’s a great link! Thanks.

    I wonder how she KNOWS there is no heavenly father in Polly’s world? that’s cute.

  16. Shalee says:

    Just WAIT until she wants a Barbie. We had lots of discussions over her clothes…

  17. Jen says:

    She is so funny & logical!

    As for the link… I just watched Demitri on Comedy Central last night… he is hilarious! Thanks for the link 🙂

  18. That explains a lot about Polly Pockets that I didn’t know. From now on I’m calling her Pagan Polly Pockets. No Heavenly Father indeed.

  19. No heavenly father? Pagan Polly Pockets.

  20. surcie says:

    The title of this post is priceless!

  21. Lei says:

    WHA have you been teaching her?!?! 😉

  22. Rebecca says:

    Yes, we have the same issue in our house – skanky dolls. I overheard my daughter at 5 lecturing Barbie that she should think MORE of herself. Hahahaah.

  23. HolyMama! says:

    ha! what a fantastic glimpse into her thoughts!

  24. summershine says:

    I needed a good laugh

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