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costco-loves-me-So, um, yeah.  I just stopped by Costco and happened to take this picture.  No I did not photoshop it.  That is my real parking spot!   AHH!!!  I know.  The best day ever.  I’ve still got it!

-Fairies are invisible and magic and their names are Laylee.  They wear very little in the way of clothing.  They appear to be cold, if I could see them, which I can’t, because they’re invisible.

-Laylee just told the baby we’re watching not to go into her castle and I’m pretty sure I heard Dan say, “Laylee, can you say ”˜nobody puts baby in a corner’?” and I loved him… and thought of Chris.

At BlogHer, our friends from Johnson and Johnson had nametags that said “Johnson’s Baby” and it became increasingly hilarious throughout the weekend to say things like, “Where did Johnson’s baby run off to?” or “Why are you sitting over there like that.  Nobody puts baby in a corner.”Â  I think it was the 10th or 35th time Chris said this that I began suspecting a life of adult diapers was in my future.

-Also, Brian has sweetly commented on the Hertz post and from the sound of things, he has not undergone any major surgery as a result of his ordeal.  He is a trooper (not with the state, just the chipper-young-lad variety).

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8 Responses to Some of This

  1. Sketchy says:

    That is a superpower to have indeed. But I need to tell you I am stealing your GEEKS anachronism for my husband to make him a button…complete with the Megacorp line. I’ll give you a share of any proceeds.

  2. Wow. I stand in awe of your sweet parking spot grabbing skills. We should’ve driven to TOFW together, except for that pesky coming-from-opposite-directions situation.

  3. Chipper-young-lad is right! That was cute of him to find your blog and comment.

  4. Alissa says:

    Every single time i get a good parking spot at Target, Walmart or any other large store, I think of you… I am channeling your super-power. Hope you don’t mind.

  5. julie says:

    I also think of your sweet parking skills and how they have rubbed off on to everyone that reads your blog. Thanks for sharing your super-powers.

  6. Julie Q. says:

    (See why I need the Q? It comes in handy at times such as this when I post right after another Julie)

    I’m beginning to sense that you take your camera everywhere. Do you have it attached to your hip in a holster? Fastest draw in the Northwest.

  7. Shalee says:

    Now Brian is cool on a whole new level. What a great guy! (DYM, don’t you have a cute young friend who needs to be introduced to Brian – assuming he’s single. They could marry and you could give them all your motherly, parental wisdom.)

  8. chris says:

    It still cracks me up.

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