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Tender Mercies — A Rat Tale

I feel better about the rats today.  It’s partly because they’re gone now and I didn’t witness a single body flying down the vacuum tube.  It’s a little bit because Dan and his boss looked up these pictures of cute fluffy-tailed … Continue reading

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The Car Cracker and the Rat King

It’s been a WEEK. On the way to the Nutcracker last Friday, Vinny was rear-ended, causing over $4000 in vehicle damage, sore backs and necks for me and Laylee and some serious emotional trauma and reduction in driving ability. Until … Continue reading

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Weekend Tip-Off: Saving Time

I find it interesting that my last post was about how I don’t have time and I’ve been putting off asking for time-saving tips until I had the time to write about it. My biggest advice for saving time is … Continue reading

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No Time

I have a lot to write about in regards to our rodent problem, my car accident on the way to The Nutcracker, why I’m canceling every fun activity from my children’s lives to make them happier and the roofing project … Continue reading

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Oral Transmission of Folklore

This is how wives tales and urban legends get started. A while ago, Laylee and I were having a conversation and she COULD NOT concentrate on what I was saying because I kept closing my eyes. Me: No I’m not. … Continue reading

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Because Boy am I Beginning to Be Bothered By Alliteration

And mostly because Tuesdays have become days of insanity where my head repeatedly exands and contracts on the verge of explosion, Tip Tuesday is morphing into Weekend Tip-Off.  It will be up and running this Saturday.  I hope you still … Continue reading

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