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More Doom, Sleepy Teeth and the Careening Psychobot

Everywhere we go, Laylee begs for “more doom please.” Sadly, she’s not tall enough to experience anything but the most juvenile form of doom. At the Houston Aquarium they have a miniature Drop of Doom with some pansy name like … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday — Vacation Planning

It’s the summer. I’m on vacation. It appears that many of you are on vacation now or are soon to head out on your own adventures. What are your tried and true methods for making sure things go smoothly in … Continue reading

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“I’m so lucky that my timeout is not in a box.”

Lessons learned from watching the Stanley Cup finals with Daddy and Papa. Next up – the finer points of cross-checking.

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The Meme’n Weekend

When I downloaded the photos from the trip so far, I found this little piece of artwork, created by Daniel to make me swoon. It worked. It also reminded me of the shmoopy meme JD tagged me for a while … Continue reading

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Blog-a-Book-Along About Why-I-Haven’t-Blogged-This-Book-Along

So a while back I signed on to read a child-rearing book along with Krista. I was pumped. I was literate. I was attempting to rear the children. No big deal, right? The book is What Do You Really Want … Continue reading

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Houston We Have a Problem

Dan, Papa and I spent a fabulous day at NASA, yes, that NASA, where the astronauts are. My mom took one for the team and spent the day watching the grandkids, yes those grandkids. To make it up to her, … Continue reading

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