Awkward Family Photos – Daredevil Edition

We were at a friend’s house today when Wanda saw a horrific sight over my shoulder. It was a sight that made her startle, gasp and clasp her hands over her mouth, her eyes wide.

What she had seen…

Prepare yourselves emotionally…




“Mom!” she said emphatically, “She’s sitting on the train tracks! She could have been KILLED!”

Indeed. She was sitting on the train tracks. My diabolical friends had posed their adorable child at death’s door because they thought it looked cute. Maybe they’re thrill seekers. Maybe they hate safety. Whatever the reason, they put their family in great peril, took pictures of it, blew them up huge on canvas and hung them on their walls.

The look on Wanda’s face said it all. What next? We could take a picture of Laylee hanging by three fingertips from a cliff wall or Magoo juggling chainsaws, smoking a stogie, or riding in a car with no seatbelt and hang those on the wall. Twisted. Very twisted, my friends.

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