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The Call of Duty

I already tweeted this and put it on Facebook but I really think it needs to go on the blog. Dan is a lover of Call of Duty and I am a lover of how well he fulfills his ultimate … Continue reading

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Pride, Prejudice and Zombies

I made the mistake of blogging or tweeting a while ago that Little Baby McSquidge had slept 6 hours in a row one night. Yeah. Jinxes are real and pounding on wood after the jinx is enacted will do you … Continue reading

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I Plan to Become a Millionaire

This morning I was spending some sweet quality time with my squishable water-filled newborn. Sunlight was filtering in through the window of my cozy bedroom and I was sitting next to her on the bed. She looked so precious and … Continue reading

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A Sense of Urgency

I’ve watched my other two kids grow and mature, and their needs seem to be slightly less urgent and immediate than are Wanda’s. Where Wanda needs what she needs 10 minutes ago, Magoo at age 4 only needs things right … Continue reading

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The Tank

This past weekend, we watched General Conference, a big fat conference our church has twice a year where the Prophet and other leaders of our church broadcast speeches and messages all over the world by internet and satellite. We watch … Continue reading

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I Shouldn’t Compare

I’ve only had 2 daughters for a couple of weeks but I’m already comparing them to each other. I need to remember to look at them as individual young ladies with their own gifts and talents but it’s so hard … Continue reading

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