The Call of Duty

I already tweeted this and put it on Facebook but I really think it needs to go on the blog. Dan is a lover of Call of Duty and I am a lover of how well he fulfills his ultimate call of duty as a dad. This picture combining the two is priceless to me. I love how his big fat gamer headphones are practically as big as the baby in his pouch.


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11 Responses to The Call of Duty

  1. Beth says:

    absolutely love this. I can’t remember how many times my husband typed one handed on the computer while holding a crashed-out baby. He would have LOVED this pouch. Frame this one!

  2. Mrs Lemon says:

    MOBY! I love Mobys. I can’t wait to wear my new baby.

  3. Aimee Aug says:

    DAN! Call of Duty? Seriously…. Cute pic though. Love your blog Kathryn.

  4. Kork says:

    How cute is that???? Of course, it must never reach my husband’s eyes, or the new baby will wearing safety goggles, ear protection, and be in the wood shop before the age of 4 weeks if I’m not careful!!!! 😀

  5. “Must use computer!!”

  6. Bryon says:

    YES! Someone who loves “Call of Duty” as much as i do!! That’s some serious commitment! And a future gamer learning by osmosis!

  7. Pam in Utah says:

    Aww. Cute picture! What brand of wrap is that again? And the FOCUS! Hmm.

  8. JD says:

    oh I am so baby hungry now THANKS! She is adorable!

  9. Haha priceless. I guess this is the new generation of dads.


  10. oh, i love it! what a picture!!
    one of my favorite pictures of my husband and baby was him sitting on the floor the newborn baby bouncing on his legs while playing playstation. i believe his comment was, “dad’s can multi-task too!”

  11. Amanda says:

    simply fantastic

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