Reasons I’m Glad I’m Not a Celebrity Mom

1. I would not like to claim the world record for “Celebrity Mom Hiding a Baby Bump for the Longest Time Ever Without Producing a Baby.” It seems that every issue of OK! or US Weekly shows a picture of some celebrity on the cover either “hiding” or “showing off” her baby bump. If she’s holding something in front of her abdomen… [read more at]

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2 Responses to Reasons I’m Glad I’m Not a Celebrity Mom

  1. Debbie says:

    I forgot to post yesterday about your new baby ! The CHEEKS !! Oh Those CHEEKS ! The cuteness factor is off the charts!!
    You are so blessed !
    a grandma whose’s grand kids are 12 and 9 and NO more babies coming….Enjoy and thanks for sharing

  2. I agree — designer duds for babies are simply ridiculous, even if you’re rich & oh-so-famous.
    PS: love the family picts on your side bar, the bearded genie, the hamburger biter, the beautiful baby & the eyebrows. Looks like one sweet humored family!

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