Onward Christian Soldiers — KABOOM!

Yesterday in church we were sang Onward Christian Soldiers as the closing hymn and as we finished, I leaned over to Dan and whispered, “KABOOM!”

“What?” he looked at me in confusion.

Oh. I thought he knew. Remember at the end of the Little House on the Prairies TV series when they marched through Walnut Grove singing that song and then they used dynamite to explode the entire town to keep it out of the hands of the big bad developers who were forcing them out of their homes?

Yeah. Dan doesn’t remember it either. When I told him about it, he said it was probably a plot device by the set construction guys so they wouldn’t have to dismantle the whole set once the series was over. A few sticks of well-placed dynamite, some hymn-singing citizens, one giant detonation lever, and their work was done.

I’m a bit cynical about that and also unsure if any of it really happened. The last time I watched the show I was probably 10 or 12 and you know what happens when I recap shows I haven’t seen for years and years. Either way, that’s how I remember it and I cannot sing or hear that song without picturing the whole town going up in an explosive inferno.

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15 Responses to Onward Christian Soldiers — KABOOM!

  1. Melessa says:

    I totally got it in the title and first sentence. I’m not sure what that says about me…

  2. Mother of the Wild Boys says:

    I remember that! And I just watched it a few years ago on DVD…so I can vouch for you. 🙂

  3. Joni says:

    Oh man. I laugh my head off every single time we sing that song in church because I was a Little House JUNKIE growing up. I liked Road to Avonlea more, but we didn’t get cable and . . .anyway. I swear the only two songs they ever sang at church were Onward Christian Soldiers and Bringing in the Sheaves. I spent one very irrevrent moment about a year ago laughing through Onward Christian Soldiers at a baptism and no one got it but me. All I could think about was buildings exploding. . .

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Yeah, I’m afraid you’re remembering Walnut Grove’s demise correctly…

  5. Aunt Murry says:

    Actually that very episode was shown this weekend on the Hallmark Channel. How appropriate that you should mention it. And yes, you are remembering correctly!

  6. cyndi says:

    I was reading a blog about books for kids and they were talking about how gruesome LHoTP was, so maybe my boys would like it after all 😉 Thanx for the moment of memory…why don’t they have great shows like that on in the afternoon anymore ?? Happy week!

  7. Christiana says:

    I do remember that episode – and how my mom always cries when they blow up the town, etc. especially the Little House itself… I didn’t remember the Onward Christian SOldiers part, but I don’t doubt it…

  8. I’m pretty much a LHoTP fanatic, and you are remembering it correctly…a sad day on the Prairie. 🙂 I watch that show almost every day….love it!

  9. Katherine says:

    How funny! I think of that EVERY. TIME. we sing that song in church, too! 🙂 And here I was thinking I was strange . . .
    Good to know I’m not the only one!

  10. pops says:

    But why did they blow it up? Here’s an interview with someone who knew why: http://www.pioneerontheprairie.com/kent_mccray_story.htm

  11. piggy says says:

    it’s true. that’s how it ended. it was a terrible ending, really. I think they actually did have to blow everything up in real life for some reason–I can’t recall why.

  12. Beck says:

    They did WHAT? Oh, that’s not in the grim, grim books.
    A friend’s father is from a town in Norway that burned down their WHOLE VILLAGE as they fled from invaders back in WWII. And then they went back after the war and calmly built the village again.

  13. Cynthia says:

    I remember that episode. That was such a dumb way to end the series. Seriously. I guess Hollywood tends to back themselves into a corner they can’t get out of with shows because most of the time they end stupidly. That last episode of Seinfeld? Not that funny for a series ending.

    Now I’m going to think “Kaboom” everytime I hear that hymn in church! LOL!

  14. Lee says:

    Funny you should blog this now as I am reading Prairie Tales Melissa Gilbert’s memoir. According to her, Michael Landon wrote and ending that blew up the set because NBC execs didn’t have the common courtesy to notify him the series had been canceled.

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