I’m Like Lassie Without the Well-Groomed Hair

And I have the ability to bear children.

So I’m pregnant, right? The cuteness of the babies being born in my area recently, combined with the slow decline in my all-day pregnancy sickness is causing me to be more excited about the 5-inch little guy growing in my gut.

There are great things about being pregnant. My favorite one is that suddenly my potbelly is all part of the cuteness that is a child-bearing woman. Soon I will get to feel the baby move inside and be sure that’s what I’m actually feeling, which is something that never gets old.

I don’t like the sickness but the rest of it is pretty darn okay. I love the kids’ excitement. I love how tenderly Dan takes care of me. He becomes downright gallant. I love imagining the baby and planning for it.

In regards to Lassie and how similar we are, I will tell you a story. Yesterday a group of friends were playing at a local ball field with our kids, confused by the appearance of this strange golden orb in the sky but intrigued enough by its warmth to venture outside to experience it.

The kids ran wild and the moms drifted in and out of conversations, everyone sort of taking care of everyone else’s kids. Suddenly I looked up and saw one of the three-year-olds standing at the top of a cliff-like rock wall about 2 stories up, sort of wobbling back and forth and grinning. Her mom was across the field with my children. We all sort of yelled at the toddler to stop where she was.

“FREEZE! I’m coming.”

My inner Lassie came out and I shimmied up the rock wall to where she was standing, happy as can be. I picked her up (not with my mouth) and carried her down almost to safety when I slipped on a patch of mud, twisted my knee and ankle and went tumbling down the rest of the hill. She was scared but fine. My small person was fine in his water bed due to the ample padding I provide but I was in a fair amount of pain.

Then I got home and realized it was my night to make dinner for the families in my dinner group. So I spent 2.5 hours on my feet making chili and cornbread, only to be reminded by Eve that we were going to have a pizza dinner that night with our preschool group. At that point my ankle was in ridiculous pain and I wondered, “Did this ever happen to Lassie?”

I seem to remember her limping along at times but then the next episode, she’d be fine and well-groomed. Well if today’s the next episode, I am not fine and certainly not well-groomed or even showered. I woke up with a sore throat and cough in my chest. Magoo’s is worse but mine feels like it’s heading that way. And my foot is still really sore. I’m limping around a bit but mostly lying on the couch and elevating it while Magoo watches TV. I don’t remember Lassie ever needing to hold Timmy down while he screamed like death and child abuse, pin his arms to his chest and shove saline solution up his nose so he would stop crying about how bad his boogies hurt.

I’m sure she would have, if called upon. I just don’t remember ever seeing that episode.

Not only did no producer come in and bathe me or brush my hair but I didn’t even get a fresh bandanna. (So I’ve looked it up and can’t find a picture of a bandanna on that collie but I swear I’ve seen one. I think it was red.) The good news is, I have the dinner I made last night to eat today and my kids are very sweet when they’re either pathetically ill or completely physically exhausted. Some other times too.

Laylee spent the day at “Track Camp” at the High School, running laps and learning how to throw a discus and shot put. Apparently they let her use both hands, which I appreciate since apparently they were using the same equipment the high schoolers use. She’s dog-tired but still willing to fetch things for her ailing mother and pathetic little brother.

I hope tomorrow’s episode finds me with a clean shiny head of hair, new clothes and a spring in my magically-healed step.

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10 Responses to I’m Like Lassie Without the Well-Groomed Hair

  1. Heffalump says:

    Well, I think you were pretty heroic, but didn’t anyone tell you that Lassie is fictional? If she had been real someone probably would have had her shot for dragging some poor kid out of the well with her teeth.
    I hope you get a new bandana soon!

  2. Debra says:

    I saw on Twitter that you were hurt + sick.

    So I promptly spent the next 56 minutes trying to figure out how to send you a song on Twitter. It didn’t dawn on me to check the blog, but now that I have:

    “WHO’S THAT?!

    So glad to hear that the day-sickness is letting up, I just wish you and M weren’t sick. Feel better soon!

    Debra/dslak 🙂

    • I did get the song and thank you for it. It made me smile as I sat on my duff all day long. I’m glad to get the connection that you’re dslak. I was wondering who you were.

  3. You are not a super hero dog. A superhero mom, yes! You rescued a child, and conquered dinner. You deserve a biscuit, I mean treat.

  4. Eve says:

    Well, you are loyal and TRUE, and Man’s best friend (DAN) so I guess we can group you in with Lassie.
    Doheny certainly seems to get a little frisky when you visit.
    P.S. love the new side bar. It’s excellent.

  5. Yay on the slow decline of nausea! I’m so happy you’re able to see some of the fun things about being pregnant–I always find them hard to discern when I actually am pregnant. 🙂

  6. Pam in Utah says:

    Oh dear, I’m so sorry about the injuries and illness. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  7. Carrie says:

    At least you can make your angst into an amusing blog post for the rest of us to smile at. We appreciate that. 🙂

    Hope that you and Magoo both feel better soon!

  8. grammyelin says:

    Pregnancy sickness, regular sickness and injury seems like a serious triple whammy to me. Hope you’re better soon. If it helps at all, keep reminding yourself that you’re a heroine and also have food in the fridge. You go girl!

  9. Proud Daughter of Eve says:

    “I hope tomorrow’s episode finds me with a clean shiny head of hair, new clothes and a spring in my magically-healed step. ”

    I hope so too!

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