Cereal Prizes are Making a Comeback

I grew up with prizes in my cereal. There weren’t prizes in EVERY box of cereal but frequently we would rush to open a new box that promised some nugget of disposable plastic fun and goodness. I tend to believe that most boxes of “kid” cereal did contain a prize in each box. I don’t really know because my mom preferred nutrition over the allure of artificial color, flavor and roof-of-mouth-scratching sugar-coated-glee.

Read about our experiences with the comeback of breakfast cereal prizes [at Parenting.com].

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2 Responses to Cereal Prizes are Making a Comeback

  1. red says:

    Precious. Touching. Down right amazing. GO DAN!!

  2. red says:

    oops, I meant to leave this on the “Sorry” post.

    Here is my comment for this post:

    I love this post! Perfect description of the lame mail away toys. Such a disappointment.

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