Love This Sign

I guess I’m not the only one who leaves her reusable bags in the car. I hope I’m not the only one who brings them in but then forgets to give them to the cashier.

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12 Responses to Love This Sign

  1. Lynette says:

    I totally need that sign on the door as I exit my house, and in my car, and on the outside of my car, and…

  2. Emily says:

    You you are definitely not –on both counts!

  3. Where was this sign?! Priceless!

  4. Kerrie says:

    I try not to, but I often forget mine. But I feel REALLY proud of myself when I do remember to bring them along…

  5. grammyelin says:

    Great sign. My local store needs, oh, about 64 of them – all located right in front of my personal parking space.

  6. Jill says:

    I went in and told them that very same sign rocked just last week! It took a month of training for me to get used to bringing my bags in. With kids its not so easy to run back to thecar for those bags.

  7. Jann says:

    Oh, yeah. I’ve actually taken the bagger up on his offer to remove my items from the plastic bags and put them in my reusable ones that I forgot to give them right at the start. BUT…I am pretty consistently remembering to bring them into the store. The hard part is judging how many you will need. You know you always end up buying more than you think. I got these great new HUGE bags from IKEA that hold tons of groceries. You get an upper body workout while you shop!

  8. aimee says:

    Fantastic! I need one of those at all the stores I patronize!!!

  9. Allison says:

    Awesome. My three year old is better at remembering the bags than I am, so as long as she’s with me, we’re usually okay, but sometimes even she forgets. A sign like that would help both of us.

  10. Now if only Wal-Mart would be so helpful…Not only do I always forget my bags in the car, but I leave the coupons in my pocket, remembering them only when I’ve gotten home again. What a dip I am.

  11. That’s certainly a good way of putting it!

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