Tally of Radness

My sister Becky is about to pop. She’s at the taking-crazy-potions-to-induce-exodus point of her pregnancy and I like to do things to help keep her occupied, like play Doctor Mario online with my wii. I’m selfless like that. And also rad.

Today Laylee was watching us play and talking to Aunt Becky on the speakerphone. Suddenly she got very serious and whispered in my ear, “Can persons be ‘rad’?”

I told her that yes, people could be rad. She got so excited and ran off to grab a piece of paper. “You’re RAD Aunt Becky!” she cheered, “I will give you 2 points and a rock because you also rock.”

She then drew a picture of a rock and 2 hash marks on her pad of paper. Throughout our game she kept a tally with a running commentary about who was rad, who was more rad, who rocked and who rolled. If you rolled, you got a picture of a bottle rolling around.

I mostly was mostly the most rad and rocked the most. According to the tally, I’m far more rad than my little sister. I’ve had more years to cultivate that certain quality.

At one point we played a game where we both sucked it up big time. Disappointed, Laylee shook her head, “You guys did NOT play with radness. You are both still rad though, even though.”

Well thank goodness.

While Laylee was tallying radnesses, Magoo was practicing his potty skeelz. From the potty room, I heard him yell, “Woah! That was a weely big one! It’s like a big T-rex or somesing.” I wonder how many radness points a log that big would get. I mean, a big T-Rex? That’s pretty impressive.

Don't Make Me Take a Radness Point From Yous

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23 Responses to Tally of Radness

  1. Awesome Mom says:

    That just cracks me up! Evan has not gotten to the point of scoring his poop but he does like to carry his potty around to show me he has gone. We had to ban that when he spilled some pee on the floor in his excitement.

  2. All Adither says:

    My boy is pretty easily impressed by his own excrement as well.

  3. grammyelin says:

    Well, I’m just glad that you’re still rad and your little sister, too. What did you do before Laylee was old enough to keep the tally? How did you ever know how you measured up?

  4. Lindsay says:

    4 tbsp of castor oil mixed in your drink / smoothie of choice will induce labor in a hurry. it’s as disgusting as it sounds so mix it with a beverage you can live without. (i miss my orange juice.)

    oh yeah, and it’s also a bit of a laxative. no heavy meals for two days before chugging down the eviction potion. 🙂

  5. Faith says:

    Ha! I wish I could get little guy to evacuate his bowels on the toilet instead of in his pants. Oh, well.

  6. Becky says:

    I love the look on Laylee’s face in that picture – like, “okay, I’ll smile, but I don’t have to be happy about it.” They’re just adorable.
    🙂 Becky

  7. Shalee says:

    I went on a bumpy ride in a car for couple of hours (the roads were awful around the big city!) and that night, I started contractions. I wasn’t due for a couple of weeks, but hey, I’d rather be early than late.

    Congrats on your radness, Kathryn. Laylee would never think the same of me if I were to approach a video game… But will sing her songs, so maybe that will make up for some of my lack of radness with my thumbs.

    • But do you know any ABBA?

      Today in the car she was overheard belting – “Dancing Queen! LONG AND SWEET ONLY SEVENTEEN! YOU CAN DANCE. YOU CAN DANCE. ALL FOR THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE!!!”

  8. KYouell says:

    While I’m happy for you for your radness, and your daughter’s mad drawing and rating skillz, and your son’s maaaaad potty skillz, I’m mostly loving this new commenting and replying stuff. Look at your rad blog coding skillz!

  9. It’s true. You are rad. I tried to absorb some of your rad while standing next to you in Chicago last year, but apparently there is a rad deflecting barrier around me.

    Yup, my little fella is in the “desribe in disgusting and acute detail” phase potty “whatever” – it’s not training anymore. Recent descritpions include South America and a goblin hat. Then the other day, he emerges from the restroom at a restaurant and announces “Whell! That was refreshant!”

    I think I saw a few diners wretch just a little. I think I just wretched a little.

    • Oh, I’m sure you absorbed PLENTY. I don’t seem to have much left. Laylee’s just biased because I’m the best mom ever.

      Refreshant is pretty much the best word ever.

  10. Jen says:

    This is a great–excuse me, RAD–post. My 2-year-old just peed in the potty for the first time today (insert euphoric grin here), but no poops yet, especially not any of T-Rex proportions.

  11. Bev says:

    But that look at Magoo’s face and where his hand is… Did he make it to the potty on time??

    I am so, so glad potty training is done at our house…

  12. Heather says:

    DR. MARIO!?! Now that game is RAD. Oh, the hours I used to blow away with my roommates in college. Addicted…couldn’t resist it. Hours and hours and hours of Mario fun. Oh, the radness….(sigh) Thank you for bringing back the rad memories.

  13. CoconutKate says:

    If you can play Dr. Mario online, I’m going to go get a internet connector for my Wii. I totally miss that game! Although I think the DS has something similar…now if only I had one of those!
    You must be completely rad to have a daughter that uses the word rad! All I ever get to be is silly. *sigh*

  14. Cheetah says:

    oh my your kids are so damng cute!!! I lvoe the long hair on Magoo. And that game sounds hilarious.

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