Don’t Put the Grocery Money in Your Bra

At times, I have been known to spend money in a fashion similar to that of an imbibing mariner. This combined with my hatred of budgets and our need to put a new roof on the house has me and Dan taking drastic measures to save money. Each week we withdraw a small amount of cash from the bank to spend on groceries and other non-bill expenses. We spend the money carefully and when it runs out, we’re done. Period.

We’ve been doing it for a few weeks now and it’s amazing how much more aware I am of my usual spending habits when I run out of cash partway through the week and have to stay home to avoid buying the books, pomegranate drinks and “sale items” that seem to leap into my hands whenever I step out my front door.

The second week of our cash diet, Dan came home with a small stack of money. Since I do most of the family shopping, I get most of the cash and it came time for Dan to hand it over. He placed the twenties where any good husband would put several bills he was giving to his main lady friend. I giggled and forgot about it.

At Trader Joes that afternoon, I got up to the register to pay for my groceries and noticed that all my cash was missing from my wallet! Ack. I had just enough left from the first week to pay for my things and then I began to search frantically for the missing money. Up and down every aisle I dragged the kids, combing the ground with my eyes for a flash of non-edible green. NOTHING.

Sadly, I headed out to the car, loaded the kids and groceries and buckled my own seatbelt. Ouch. What was that? My shirt was so itchy. I pulled it away from my chest and looked down. Bingo!

It was a huge relief. I was relieved to have found the week’s money and relieved that Laylee was too young to ask me why I had lost it in such a strange place. I can only imagine the scene at the store if I’d discovered my lost allowance while at the register and dived in to retrieve it. From now on, I think I’ll use a wallet like a normal person.

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29 Responses to Don’t Put the Grocery Money in Your Bra

  1. Sue says:

    Dear you!
    Goodness it didn’t itch while you were in the store…
    And that you didn’t “reach” for the money in front of everyone…

  2. Big Mama says:

    As much as I love the image of you reaching for that money at Trader Joe’s, I love the phrase “imbibing mariner” even more.

  3. chilihead says:

    Seriously, I thought only Madames kept the cash with the goods. Madame Daring. Oh yes. This will be good.

  4. Tonya says:

    LOL, that’s a good one. One never knows where a hidden treasure will appear. Good luck with the saving.

  5. Melissa says:

    At least you found it! I’ve never understood people who use their bosom to hold things. Maybe it’s because I’m a size A and there’s really nothing there to help hide something!

  6. Shalee says:

    Well, to be honest, I’d be happy to find anything in my bra… money or otherwise.

    But hey, maybe you can use this as a new buying technique for yourself. Before you make a purchase, ask yourself, “Would I reach into my bra for this?” If yes, then buy away. If no, put it down and wait until you’ll willingly feel yourself up for a real bargain.

  7. A few years back I lived in Holland, and had to do the same thing with cash (they’re SO behind the times and don’t use debit card machines…plus there was a nasty little fee my bank would use to convert dollars to euros every time I swiped). It was hard at first, but by the end of our adventure there, I learned to love the concept of visualizing “once it’s gone, it’s GONE.” Much easier to do it that way than a virtual budget you have to discipline yourself to keep track of on the computer.

    And Shalee can have some of what fills my bra…I have too much!

  8. Carrie says:

    That is too funny!

  9. bananas says:

    This could be a perfect approach for budgeting. If you have to dive into your bra for the cash to buy something… it’ll make you think twice about whether you REALLY need that perfect purple jumpsuit that just happens to be on sale!

  10. Kris says:

    My husband and I are really trying to stick to a budget now, too, and for much the same reason. We need a new roof on our house and our bathroom (the only full bath in the house) is in desperate need of remodeling. We’ve started taking money out every Monday for groceries with the same idea–when it’s gone it’s gone. This has been SO DIFFICULT for us. We used to spend close to what we spend on our mortgage on groceries and household stuff (and the pumpkin spice lattes, books, toys for my daughter, etc.). The trouble we’re having right now is determining what a NORMAL grocery budget is for a small family of three. We thought that $100 a week should do the trick, but we’re having trouble sticking with that! What do people typically spend on groceries? I’d love to know!

  11. Erin Marie says:

    My grandma keeps her money and her cell phone on (in?) her “shelf”. At first I was so embarrassed to go out with her. Now, I just shake my head and think, “I hope I’m not too much like her when I get to that age.”

  12. Kristen says:

    other than the fact that the story was hilarious, I feel for you about the money being missing and hunting for it. That is the worst feeling in the world.

  13. Tracy says:

    Delurking to add here.

    I was a bank teller for a few years recently and I once actually had a huge lady pull out a wad of cash from her bra and hand it to me to deposit. Its a good thing I keep GermX on hand at.all.times.

  14. Ann says:

    I was a cashier and once had a big lady pull *sweaty* money out of her bra to pay. Yuck. Maybe it was the same lady that then went to Tracy’s bank?

  15. allysha says:

    good story. also, I like the budgeting idea.

  16. nosurfgirl says:

    We’re doing something similar, only I save receipts and limit the grocery bill to a certain amt per week. So no bra incidents here. Thank goodness!!

    I miss those pomegranate drinks.

  17. Erin says:

    My darling, wonderful, sweet husband leaves money for me on the table beside my bed, as if it were payment for services rendered. He got this fantastic idea from a girlfriend of mine, whose husband does it to her. I thought it was funny (when it wasn’t happening to me) and told him about it.

  18. Flyingtubs says:

    My friends mom use to keep money, keys, tissues and lipstick right in between her girls. I dont even think I could put one key into my size A without people giving me a noticible eye. What a funny story!

  19. bon says:

    I don’t keep money there, but my youngest does think it’s a handy spot for her little plastic farmyard figurines. I dread the day I bend over to pick something up and a cow drops out of my cleavage, because it WILL be in front of someone I am not related to, and I will have to die of shame. I will.

  20. grammyelin says:

    A friend of mine always keeps her cell phone in there. When it goes off, I’m always tempted to tell her that her chest is ringing.

  21. A lady in our church used to put her money there. Talk about give with a warm heart…ha! ha!

  22. rglhm says:

    You hate budgets too? Great. I hate money diets. But they are important at times. Oh and you have things jumping out at you as well?

  23. Tracey says:

    ahhh… priceless!

  24. Qtpies7 says:

    Oh, that hubby, he’s a funny one! He better watch out or you’ll have to start charging him, lol.

  25. Katherine says:

    You guys crack me up! We’ve done the Dave Ramsey thing, but I have to confess I’ve never done the cash part (I just track it on the computer daily — which is actually much harder!) because the thought of walking around with that much cash scares the waddles out of me. But, I have to say, Shalee — maybe we should email or call Dave and let him know about your “feel yourself up” rule — I think he’d get a kick out of it. I know that would change my mind about whether I really needed something or not!

  26. Moriah says:

    That is hilarious.

  27. linda says:

    im one that uses my bra as a pocket. paper money will itch so i use a change purse big enough for my credit cards cash car keys and coins. unless im wearing a tigh fitting tank top its not really noticable. i will confess one time i won quite a sum of money in las vegas put it all into my bra. my left cup was two sizes bigger than my right. my friends all got a good laugh at my expense. i let them have there fun and kept it there all week. linda

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