The Genetics of Sleep

sweet-sleeperLately I’ve noticed that Laylee is very restless in her sleep. She grinds her teeth, tosses and turns. Often when we go at night to check on her, I’ll notice her mumbling and grimacing and I try to sooth her and calm her down. Sometimes it works a little.

She also sleeps with her arms raised up above her head, just the way I do. I brought this up to Dan.

“Did you ever notice that Laylee sleeps just like me?”

“Yes. She’s disturbed.”

“Thank you.”

“No, I mean her sleeping is disturbed. She seems troubled.”

Ah yes. So Laylee gets her disturb-ed-ness from me. Magoo gets his sweet cherubic sleeping position from Dan, with his chubby arms folded under his little round head (Dan’s is more oblong). I’ve always called Dan a sweet sleeper and so is Magoo.

Now Magoo and I do have one thing in common in our sleep. When we wake up, we strongly dislike all people. We pull the blankets over our heads, grunt, squinch up our faces and sometimes growl. We need our space.

So Laylee’s disturbed and Magoo’s curmudgeonly. It’s nice to know I’m leaving a legacy.

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23 Responses to The Genetics of Sleep

  1. Pam in Utah says:

    Sweet picture, Sweet kids (both), Sweet you (and Dan). 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    I hate mornings. All of my kids are morning people. Why couldn’t I pass on the “sleep in” gene to them??

  3. “When we wake up, we strongly dislike all people” That cracked me up! 🙂

  4. Stephanie says:

    And what a good legacy it is!

  5. MBooth says:

    so cute. All three of mine sleep with their butts in the air. Well, my 5 year old doesn’t least not all the time.

  6. Pam – They are cute, eh? That’s why we like them. And the fact that it’s 10:30am and one just woke up and the other’s still sleeping. They DID go to bed late last night, but still… it rocks.

    Melissa – I don’t know. You should really have worked harder on that. Maybe next time you could give birth while sleeping… or at least with a blanket over your head.

    Blue Yonder Girl – It shouldn’t crack you up. I was dead serious.

    Stephanie – We try.

    MBooth – I LOVE THAT! We call it Muffin Bum and it’s my favorite thing.

  7. bon says:

    So my youngest sleeps flat on her face with her bum sticking way in the air. Must be from some kind of recessive gene.

  8. Carrie says:

    I don’t like people in the morning either. It’s nice to see I’m not alone!

  9. I’m a grouch in the AM too, so is my son. Which is why I instituted the “no one out of their rooms until 7am” rule. I don’t care at what hour you wake up, but I do not turn my nice mommy button on until 7am (and well…sometimes even later), so they had better not leave their rooms. unless they have to use the bathroom.

  10. Sketchy says:

    Isn’t it sweet to see a little “you” in your children? Well most of the time?

    I’m the morning sunshine in our family…3 of my 4 kids follow my lead in this. The other one hates all of us for about a half an hour until he really wakes up.

  11. Trailin' says:

    My son sleeps with his arms up above his head…but I don’t. And neither does my husband. Don’t know where that came from. But I can definitely relate to the fact that my son and I are both members of the Morning Anti-People Movement.

  12. Kimberly says:

    I sleep similar to Laylee and yourself. Really need to get myself a mouth guard. Bleh.

    By the by, when’s your first book coming out? Seriously, chick, I pay to read stuff that’s crap compared to your blog.

  13. Rachel says:

    I don’t like people when I’m tired no matter what time of the day it is. Maybe that’s why I’m such a hermit when I’m pregnant.

  14. Bon – That’s totally the cutest. I hope you’ve got pictures of that.

    Apples – We have that rule too, but the time’s more like 8 or 9 – We’re “night owls”.

    Sketchy – Can you bottle some of that sunshine and send it out West? Honestly, I’d prefer to be a little cheerier in the mornings.

    Trailin’ – I’m glad to hear it’s an actual movement. We should start a website to support each other. We’d all get up each morning and go post about how mad we were. Fighting would break out. It’d be great.

    Kimberly – I’ve got the mouth gaurd so I’m muffledly disturbed. Nice. And you are the nicest. I’m working on the book.

    Rachel – And I don’t like people in the morning, regardless of whether I’m legitimately tired or not.

  15. Farm Wife says:

    Sleep?! What’s that? Is that the thing normal people do at night while I’m feeding the baby, passing out spoonfulls of childrens’ Motrin, and standing guard against nightmares? I vaugley recall a time when I layed on a soft surface with my eyes closed for long periods of time…but the memories are fading quickly!

  16. Tofu Mom says:

    Awww… sleeping babies. I want to eat ’em up. They’re so yummy and fuzzy and innocent and cute. As long as they’re SLEEPING! Why can’t they sleep ’till they’re…like…14 or so? Yes, I am kidding.

    Seriously, cute-cute-cute.

  17. KYouell says:

    I was just lamenting yesterday how sad it was that I used to whine on the rare morning when The Biscuit would wake at 8 instead of his usual 9 or 10. Now I’m thankful when I can keep The Cupcake quiet enough when she gets up at *6am* that he will sleep until 8. 8am is now a sleep-in morning. So sad.

    My theory is that babies born at night are night people & babies born in the day are morning people. It’s been true of 2 of my cousins and both my kids. And me. 5 out of a sample of 5 is proof, right?

  18. grammyelin says:

    But definitely the cutest carmudgeon any of us have ever seen!

  19. Sean has started having night terrors in the last month. He’s been a good sleeper his entire life and now this. Aptly named, terrifying indeed for all concerned.

  20. LammyAnn says:

    When I sleep with my arms straight up in the air, I wake up with numb, then tingling arms… YIKES. I dunno how people do it all the time. I have to sleep on my side, curled up in a ball.
    Funny things come out at night! 🙂

  21. LammyAnn says:

    oops…well, that sounded strange. I meant… Funny things happen at night.

  22. Joy says:

    I feel for Laylee and you. It breaks my heart when my kids are restless. My 5 yr old had a long streak of nightmares. Just wished I could snuggle him close to me and take it all away.

  23. Jen M says:

    What a wonderful picture. Sleeping babies (no matter how brief) are so yummy.

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